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Why become an Official 'Stephenson Blog Partner'?

Be the first to test new products alongside us

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Why become an Official 'Stephenson Blog Partner'?

  • Receive free soap bases to create wonderful products!
  • Add new content to your blog to drive continuous traffic
  • Develop a new section on your blog aimed at the growing trend in Soap Making/Crafting
  • Be the first to test new products alongside us!
  • Grow your blog following and add credibility by working with the Stephenson Personal Care brand
  • Your recipes will be shared on our Facebook Page – increasing reach for your blog posts to over 19,000 followers
  • Create exciting Personal Care products at home – or even start your own business (it’s that easy!)
  • Add the Official Stephenson Partner ‘Soap&Share’ Stamp to your website

Using our products is quick and easy, that’s why we started our Official Stephenson Blog Partner Programme. We manufacture a wide range of speciality bases that allow you to make Personal Care products at home, or even help you start a business.

It’s incredible to see what some of our customers around the world create – that’s why we are doing more to inspire and build our community.

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We are working alongside leading Craft / Lifestyle blogs worldwide to drive creative and powerful content. So if you have a popular blog, want to try making soap or personal care products, please get in touch and start your Soap&Share programme today: * Must have an official blog website

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