The best of #MakeItMonday 2017 #SoapandShare

It’s been over three and half years of us running #MakeItMonday weekly competition and giving away prizes. We’ve had some fantastic entries over the year and we would like to take this opportunity to show you our top picks from each month. A huge thank you to all our Facebook fans for getting involved and being part of our Soap Making community. We appreciate every single Like, Comment and Share. Here's to an even better 2018!


Our winner in January were these creative Afternoon Tea soaps. They didn’t help with our New Year’s resolutions as they look so edible! The different techniques used to create these soaps are executed exceptionally well. Very yummy!

Afternoon Tea soap


In February, we fell in love with these soaps. They are simple yet beautifully presented. The colors and shapes work really well together.

Citrus Soap


We just had to go for swirls this time. It is a very difficult technique to master and if done well the results can be incredibly good. We haven’t come across a soap like this with swirls from both sides before and that’s why it is our winner.

Ocean Soap


This soap really stood out by the technique used. It looks like quite a lot of effort was put into making this and it worked out brilliantly. We’d love to know how such an effect was achieved as we’re blown away by this truly amazing work.

Underwater Soap


In May, we had a lot of flower entries as it is spring and the Mother’s day in some countries. We wanted to go for something slightly different and what stood out, were the colors, layering and transparent spots on these soaps. Very interesting and creative!

Artistic soap


The Strawberry season is here! We really liked this strawberry soap with those flaming swirls. Beautiful.

Strawberry Soap


We had some exceptional summery entries this month - flowers, ice-cream, sea life - that is what summer is about! These cupcake soaps are our winners, as they are so cute and the layers are spot on.

Rose Cupcake Soap


August is a holiday month here in the UK, during which we had some very great entries, and again it was quite hard to choose from! In the end, this summery layered soap won us over, with fantastic pastel colors, it stood out from the crowd!

Rainbow Soap


This bouquet is very distinctive with its incredibly detailed flowers, especially the one with the white and blue blend effect. It looks so real and that heart-shaped rose in the middle is just incredible! We would be put off using this soap as it’s such an amazing decoration.

Soap Bouquet


We probably should have gone for pumpkins but this soap really attracted our attention, as it shows a very sophisticated skill to suspend another melt and pour soap without it melting. Here we have a Jasmine flower immersed and it is just perfect - very impressive.

Jasmine Soap

In November, we had lots of people participate in the competition and once again it was extremely difficult to choose a winner. This dramatic coloured soap with contrasting colours and fire-like effect shows some incredibly artistic skills and so it won us over.

Beautiful soap


December is a magical time of the year, and so we choose this magical soap! We really like the illuminating effect, exposing not only some incredible soap making skills but also a fantastic final image.

Illuminating soap

Thank You!

So, out of nearly 2000 Make It Monday entries, we have whittled this down to our top 12 winners. We’d like you to know that we absolutely LOVE to see all your creations and it makes our day to see everyone contributing to this creativity with our soap base.

Thanks so much. Here’s to 2018 and soap making in the new year! Don’t forget to share your creations and get engaged on our Facebook page next year.

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