Introducing Stephenson Personal Care on site Brookfoot Farm

We're extremely excited to announce plans for the development of an on-site farm - Brookfoot Farm. Progress has already begun on site with the aim to have the farm fully functioning by January 2019. With this in mind, customers will only be able to visit at the start of 2019, more details to be announced soon...

On the new Brookfoot farm we’ll be introducing beehives, goats, donkeys and alpacas once the development is complete. Sustainably sourcing our materials has always been an important feature of our business and the introduction of an on-site farm will mean we can ensure the animals thrive in a happy, clean and well looked after environment whilst also producing some of the raw materials we need to make our products.

Reasons for the farm on site

This project will enable us to provide the highest quality products for our customers whilst ensuring the materials used in manufacturing are sustainable and ethically sourced. We’re also aware that by introducing a farm on site, this will also have a positive effect on our employee’s health and well being. All staff will have the opportunity to help look after, care for and maintain the animals on site, ensuring they’re happy and healthy too.

New Product launch - Crystal Alpaca Milk

Another great project that has become possible with the introduction of the Brookfoot Farm is Crystal Alpaca Milk soap base. Similar to Crystal Goat’s Milk and Crystal Donkey Milk, we believe that Crystal Alpaca is going to be another great addition to our range of Melt & Pour soap bases line.

Alpaca milk has a very similar composition to llama’s and goat’s milk - full of hydration and nourishing properties for the skin.

Below is a short promotional video to celebrate the development of Brookfoot Farm and the launch of Crystal Alpaca Milk!

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