Beauty trends 2024: Navigate simplicity in skincare & haircare

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Beauty trends 2024: Navigate simplicity in skincare & haircare

In the dynamic world of personal care, 2024 brings forward a transformative wave, emphasising simplicity, mind-body harmony, and AI-driven innovation.

Complex yet simple formulations that are effective and fulfil the needs of the body, skin, and hair are emerging. Think shampoo bars and scalp care for coloured hair; the list goes on.

The truth is that multi-functional bases and ingredients will be the highlight among brands and manufacturers, shaping their range for demanding consumers.

Similarly, the emphasis on mind and body connection and AI emergence are shaping the industry with multi-level wellness and personalisation.

At Stephenson, we are the experts in solid formats. We manufacture soap bases, syndets, and ingredients for cosmetic, skincare and haircare brands. 

We will cover:

  1. Simplifying Skincare

  2. Neuroglow: Nurturing your skin and hair through mind

  3. Simplicity with right bases for your brand

Simplifying skincare and haircare

In response to global overconsumption issues, simplicity reigns supreme in 2024. Less is more. Consumers are championing multi-functional products that streamline beauty rituals without compromising on effectiveness. This need for simplicity arises from the desire for greater transparency regarding the use of only essential and safe ingredients.

Minimalistic and multi-purpose solid applications will see growth. As soaps are not suitable for hair applications, gentle soap-free syndets present growth opportunities across multiple categories: for face, body, skin, intimate care, derma, baby care, etc.

Additionally, solid shampoos offer diversity for various hair types and spa-like experiences before, during, and after use, while still addressing niche hair challenges, including scalp care, damaged hair, or managing curly hair. 

We have seen shampoo bars emerging globally, and solid format is now evolving into other categories like conditioners, lotions, deodorants, fragrances, etc.

From effective yet gentle soap-free shampoo and body bases, our offerings prioritise quality ingredients, ensuring high performing results while minimising environmental impact. Explore our Syndopal range.


Neuroglow: nurturing your skin and hair through mind

Beauty goes beyond skin-deep in 2024, embracing the profound connection between mind, body, and spirit. Product launches in line with the neuroglow trend are up for success. Feel-good messages and self-care practices blend perfectly with skincare and haircare and are becoming more supported scientifically with Psychodermatology science (explores the thought effect on the skin).

Infusing products with mood-enhancing fragrances, therapeutic herbs, and nutrient-rich superfoods offer a holistic beauty solution that nurtures physical and emotional health, appealing to consumers seeking inner balance. Brands can elevate mental well-being while fostering healthier skin by creating products and rituals that blend sensory experiences, aromatherapy, and positive affirmations, 

A holistic approach is essential, encompassing everything from the ingredients used to packaging that radiates positive vibes, ensuring the product is enjoyable and easy to use for an improved overall experience. 


Image Credit: Mintel - 2024 Beauty Trends Webinar

Neuroglow link with wellness can also be achieved with spa-like experiences and better sleep routines. Your brand can adapt this trend in various formats, including solids, bathing bombs, mousses, or liquid and gel skincare applications.

Waterless emulsifiers and emollients can also improve your natural skincare and haircare range from formulation to performance. Our Durosoft range of emulsifiers, emollients and surfactants are perfect for creating luxurious creams, lotions, facial cleansing oils, micellar waters, face masks, serums and more.

At its emergence, AI in beauty presents further innovation. Consumers want personalized diagnoses with product recommendations or to find new hero ingredients. 


Image Credit: Photo by Matheus Frade

Simplicity with right bases for your brand

Skin simplicity takes centre stage at Stephenson this year. As we launch new base products and relaunch our emulsifiers and solubilisers categories, we tap into the neuroglow trend, prioritising ingredients that nourish skin and consciousness with more COSMOS and RSPO certified ingredients.

Many of our bases are dermatologically and paediatric tested, suitable for baby skin and gentle facial or body cleansing.

We formulate most of our bases with just over five ingredients for effective simplicity, and you can further personalize them with your brand's fragrances, colours, actives, and other additives.

We carefully craft our bases with just over five ingredients, ensuring effective simplicity. And you can personalise the formulation further by incorporating your brand's unique fragrances, colours, active ingredients, and other additives, tailoring them to your consumer's preferences.

Our soap and shampoo bases, and cosmetic emulsifiers offer a product experience that embodies our commitment to simplicity, multi-functionality, and holistic wellness.

Contact us to discuss your product development for a brilliant skincare and haircare range set to succeed in 2024 and beyond.

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