Empowering efficiency: Driving sales for distributors and resellers with our solid bar formats

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Empowering efficiency: Driving sales for distributors and resellers with our solid bar formats

Today’s personal care market is seeing serious challenges, particularly when it comes to ensuring seamless global operations, understanding fluctuating consumer trends, keeping on top of evolving regulatory requirements, and critically ensuring a healthy bottom line.  

While these challenges can test even the most established business, partnering with the right supplier can safeguard your company. At Stephenson, we are no strangers to understanding complex multinational retail networks, and the need to respond nimbly and flexibly to the requirements of brands and consumers.  

We pride ourselves on the fact that when we develop a new product for a formulation laboratory or contract manufacturer, we not only focus on the functionality and application possibilities of the product but how we can add value to your distribution network.  

Our Melt & Pour bases are a prime example. Whether you supply to small, niche, Indie businesses or large-scale manufacturers, our current collection of 30 soaps, conditioners, and solid shampoo bases makes it easier than ever to innovate beautiful bars that meet your clients' needs.  

Our products also offer a fantastic strategic advantage. Our Melt & Pour bases are designed as a versatile solution that can keep track of the latest consumer trends, and our agile approach to new product development means we can flex and adapt in line with your needs and requirements. Manufacturers can effortlessly bring their signature flair to a product by simply adding the desired fragrance, essential oils, additives, and unguents to make a product that is uniquely their own. 

We have made choosing the right bar or base for your application even easier. Certain bases in our diverse collection can be used to create RSPO Mass Balance and Segregated certified products – adhering to standards set by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil. These can be custom-developed for customers looking to meet growing consumer demand for sustainable and ethically produced products.  

It is a fantastic time for distributors of personal care products. According to market researchers Statista1, the global personal care market is seeing sustained growth, with a CAGR of 3,3% predicted to 2028 off its current base in 2024.  

While this might seem a conservative estimate, it offers personal care brands many opportunities to accelerate growth through product innovation, particularly in terms of waterless and sustainable packaging initiatives.  

At Stephenson, we understand the importance of having access to consistent inventory, and we are consistently meeting the requirements of our 325 partners across 60 countries.  

Our Melt & Pour products are supplied in sizes ranging from 1kg trays to 11,5kg packs. These unit sizes were specifically designed to help distributors maximise their potential by offering full flexibility to fulfil orders without undue bulk, reducing lead times and minimising cost further down the line.  


Our message to all resellers is that when you think supply, think Stephenson.

We are laser focused on your success and we thrive on a challenge. After all, with the right product partner in place, it's never been easier to capitalise on an engaged and growing consumer market - offering brands what they need, when they need it.  

For more information on our Melt & Pour range contact our team today for additional information and advice. 

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