Opal 550 CO 100

Opaque Extruded

Opaque soap noodles made with Coconut Oil for the manufacture of opaque, extruded soap bars allowing certification by USDA NOP or COSMOS.

Opal 550 100

Key Ingredients


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Product Characteristics

  • Extruded noodles made with organic ingredients allowing certification by COSMOS or USDA NOP
  • Low colour – fantastic colouring properties
  • Made using 100% Coconut Oil
  • Produces high levels of foam volume
  • Provides dense creamy luxurious lather, which feels distinctively different to standard soap bases
  • Has excellent cleansing properties

- USDA NOP Certification – 80.47% Organic Ingredients
- COSMOS Certification – 74.44% Organic CPAI, 99.76% CPAI

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