Rebatch base

Opaque Melt & Pour

Vegetable based melt and pour soap base. Made using 100% RSPO Certified Segregated Sustainable palm & palm kernel oils. Used for the manufacture of Cold Process style Certified RSPO soap bars #grateandbake

Rebatch base

Key Ingredients

RSPO Palm Kernel Oil, Aqua, RSPO Palm Kernel Oil, Glycerin

Product Characteristics

Stephenson Rebatch base allows users to make a “cold process” style soap base without the need to buy or use Sodium Hydroxide / Lye. Contact us for processing steps.

Our picture illustrates Grated ReBatch Base, we supply the base as a solid block in 9kg packaging.

  • Possesses the environmental benefits of using 100% RSPO Certified Segregated Sustainable palm and palm kernel oils
  • Full Segregation of supply chain- BM TRADA
  • Great foaming performance
  • Excellent moisturising from a high glycerine content which provides a pleasant skin feel
  • Superior colour stability even if kept at a high temperature for extended periods
  • Neutral odour provides excellent fragrance lift
  • Product can be grated, sliced and melted
  • Suitable for slicing or moulding
  • Certificate No. BMT-RSPO-000008

*Made with 100% RSPO certified segregated sustainable Palm Oil and Palm Kernel Oil

**Derived from the Palm Oil and Palm Kernel Oil, during the soap making Process


Crystal Melt & Pour soap bases are available in a range of packaging, just pick a size that suits your needs.

1kg tray 1kg Tray
11.5kg tray 11.5kg Box
10kg Keg 25kg Pack

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