How to Make Cosmic Galaxy Soap

Swirling is one of the toughest soap techniques to get right, but looks so beautiful when done right! After seeing several wonderful examples of cosmic galaxy soap online, thought we'd give it a try.

You Will Need:

  • Stephenson Crystal ST Melt & Pour soap base
  • Mica Colouring (We used a combination of blue, green, pink & purple)
  • Cosmetic Glitter
  • Loaf Mold
  • Mixing Beakers
  • Microwavable Jugs
  • Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Step 1

Remove the Crystal ST base from packaging and chop into small chunks. Place into 2 microwavable jugs.

Step 2

Place one jug in the microwave and heat until all chunks are melted. Remove from microwave and cool until temperature reaches around °60, mixing well to ensure the consistency remains smooth.

Step 3

Pour the soap base into two separate beakers. Colour these bases differently, then fragrance and add glitter. You can choose whatever colours you like, we used dark blue and purple colourings for the first layer.

Step 4

Mix the different bases together well and then pour into the loaf mold. This is best done by pouring both mixtures at the same time from opposing corners. Make sure you pour slowly. The aim is not to get the colours to completely mix together, but merge softly. Remember that this is one of many layers. We created about seven layers to create our cosmic soap, but you can use as many layers as you want.

Step 5

Whilst the first layer is setting, mix another two bases with colourings, fragrance and glitter. This time we used a dark green and pink colour. Using the same technique, pour both these bases into the mold, making up the second layer.

The trick here is not to let layers completely set before adding more soap - you don’t want clean lines between layers.

Step 6

Keep repeating this step with different mixtures of colour each time, until the mold is full. The more layers you create, the better the end product will be!

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