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Bases and ingredients for personal care products

The leading global supplier of extruded and hot poured soaps and syndets. Our products are designed with brands and manufacturers in mind, tailorable to your needs. Championing innovation and sustainability, we boast numerous certifications & credentials.

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Why choose Stephenson?

Why it matters

We're here to help you grow

Launching new products isn't always as straightforward as it sounds. We’re an agile business, quick to respond and able to help you bring innovations to market faster so you're ahead of the competition.

Why it matters

Setting trends, not keeping up with them

The personal care and cosmetics landscape is changing faster than ever, so it’s essential to ensure your business is ahead of the curve. Whether it’s a concept we initiate or a project you’ve already started, our technical expertise, insight and inspiration will help put your business ahead.

Why it matters

Support from idea to launch

Our technical team has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to personal care innovation. Our excitement is driven by helping our customers disrupt markets all over the world. We’re always here for you from start to finish. It's as simple as that.

Why it matters

Innovations that don't sacrifice sustainability

Whether it’s certified sustainable ingredients, or product ideas that reduce packaging, we have everything you need to meet the market’s demand for high-quality sustainable products.

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Extruded Soap & Syndets

We're solid format experts, and our extruded soap and syndet range showcases this. Our bases are formulated to process on traditional soap manufacturing lines.

  • Formulated by our in-house technical experts
  • Bespoke formulations available
  • Create certified organic COSMOS and RSPO bars

Melt & Pour

Our extensive range of soap bases are used to make beautiful creatively bars by crafters and small businesses across the globe.

  • Established market presence
  • Extensive product range
  • High glycerin content


Product possibilities across sustainable skincare, cosmetic and hair care are endless with Durosoft, our range of naturally derived polyglyceryl esters.

  • Customisable formulations
  • Compatible with synthetic ingredients
  • Provides greater formulation stability
Innovative products for personal care brands and manufacturers worldwide

Innovative products for personal care brands and manufacturers worldwide

Supported by years of technical expertise, we combine innovation with a flexible approach to deliver tailor-made, cost-effective, solutions for a variety of specific applications and industries.

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