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Cosmetic bases

Create quality skincare products with ease, stability and efficiency with our Cosmetic bases.

Features and benefits of our Cosmetic products

Ideal for creating natural, paraben free lotions, bath and body butters

Ideal for creating natural, paraben free lotions, bath and body butters

Cold and hot processable creams, lotions, bath and body butters. Range consists of COSMOS natural organic lotion and other pre-thickened bases.

Customisable un-fragranced moisturising bases for enhanced skincare

Customisable un-fragranced moisturising bases for enhanced skincare

All cosmetics bases provide excellent moisturisation and skin feel. Personalise finished products with only 2-3% addition of oils, fragrances and colours.

Great performance and "clean-beauty" moisturisation

Great performance and "clean-beauty" moisturisation

All our cosmetics bases offer excellent skin cleansing benefits and are formulated without PEGs, parabens or MPGs.

Never tested on animals

Never tested on animals

All our cosmetic bases are vegan, ethical and never tested on animals (as a part of European regulation).

Our products

Products Certification Highlights
Easy Lotion Base Cosmetic • Vegan Products
For easy to make full body lotion
Cosmos certified RSPO
Lotion Base C-MB Cosmetic • Vegan Products • Made with Organic • Certified RSPO
For easy to make organic COSMOS & RSPO certified lotion
Easy Cream Base Cosmetic • Vegan Products
Face and body cream made easy
Body Butter Base Cosmetic • Vegan Products
For creating a thick moisturing body butter
Crystal OPC (Foaming Bath Butter) Cosmetic • Vegan Products
For creating a whipped, mild face and body cleanser

Packaging options

Small to Medium

Our cosmetic bases are available in 1kg trays, 4.5kg buckets, 11.5kg box and 2x5kg kegs. The type of packaging is dependant on the product*.

Medium to Large

For larger batches of product, we offer 25kg kegs, 200kg drums and 1 tonne IBC's.

*Not all cosmetic bases are available in every option.


Cosmetic FAQs

These are some of the most common questions we receive about our Cosmetic products. If there is something else you’d like to know, please contact us and a member of the Stephenson team would be more than happy to assist.

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The majority of our bases are gluten-free - if you require further information please contact us here.

We use palm and palm kernel oils, and ingredients derived from both oils. Wherever possible, we use oil and ingredients from certified sustainable sources. All products that are made using certified sustainable palm and palm ingredients have the letters SG or MB at the end of their name referring to RSPO Segregated (SG) and RSPO Mass Balance (MB). It isn’t possible to source everything we use from certified sustainable sources, but we are always researching and discussing with our suppliers to find new options.

Lye (also known as Sodium Hydroxide or Potassium Hydroxide) is the material that is used in making all of our soaps. Solid soaps (Crystal Melt and Pour range or Extruded soap bases) use Lye from Sodium Hydroxide, while Stephenson Liquid soaps use Lye from Potassium Hydroxide. We use Lye to saponify oils and/or fatty acids to produce soap. Once the soap is produced, all the lye is used up during the saponification reaction and so there is none left in the final product.

No, we are a speciality base supplier, we manufacture and ship soap bases and other product bases that are converted by our customers into finished products. Typically our bases make up around 80-99% of a finished product.

No, we are strictly against animal testing and our ingredients are not tested on animals.

GMP applies to companies manufacturing finished products. As a supplier of ingredients and bases, this does not apply. Stephenson holds ISO 9001 Quality Certification and supplies companies that have GMP certification.

The main difference between fragrance oils and essential oils is that fragrance oils are manufactured in a lab and essential oils are made of natural materials. Due to their natural properties, essential oils can have an impact on the stability of your product and cause hazing.

We've been making soap here at Stephenson’s since 1856, originally for the textile industry.

Yes, all the glycerine used in our soap bases is derived from vegetable sources.

We have appointed distributors worldwide to support and manage our supply chain, see our 'where to buy' page to find out where you can purchase our products.

Yes, take the product and begin to whip the base. Continue to whip to as light or as heavy as you wish. It is during this process you can introduce additives such as colouring, fragrance and so on.

We wouldn't recommend melting Crystal OPC (Foaming Bath Butter). we always suggest cutting the base up, whipping it whilst at room temperature and then adding your favourite ingredients.

No, this is a ready-to-use base and not designed to be thickened.

Yes, the product will not set hard. It will stay relatively soft and depending on how much the product was whipped it will remain light and fluffy.

We would recommend adding the sugar at the start of the (cold process) whipping, you can actually add up to 60% sugar, but it’s really up to you.

This is a unique product that is extremely versatile, you can make foaming bath butter, foaming sugar whips, foaming salt scrubs or foaming body souffles.

Tubs or jars are always best; this product is ideally used with a sponge or by scooping with your hand whilst in the shower or bath, so something with a wide top and ease of use would be best.

We have appointed distributors worldwide to support and manage our supply chain, see our 'where to buy' page to find out where you can purchase our products.

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