10 solid format products that took the market by storm in 2021

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10 solid format products that took the market by storm in 2021

It’s no secret that solid format products such as shampoos, conditioners, body and combo bars are becoming a common offering for brands all over the world. Over the last three years, consumer demands have helped move brands to produce products that offer the same benefits as their liquid alternatives (if not better!), but without the negative connotations of plastic packaging, high water content and a larger carbon footprint.  

Back in January 2020, we wrote an article about solid format products becoming the preferred solution for future generations, almost 2 years later brands are beginning to catch up having seen the fruitful opportunities presented by this shift in the market.

Here’s 10 products we think responded to consumer demands in 2021; 



This volumizing shampoo bar from Davines, enriched with turnip root extract, leaves your hair soft and light. Offering a rich and creamy foam during the application, this solid shampoo bar does not disappoint on application! 



Nuxe draw their attention to creating a solid shampoo bar that fits perfect with the Rêve de Miel range, focusing on the power of honey and enveloping your skin and hair with ultra-nourishing properties. This shampoo bar is made using natural-origin surfactants (including coconut, rapeseed, sunflower) to ensure a gentle cleansing experience and tangle-free tresses. 



Suitable for all hair types, this gentle & balanced shampoo bar is enriched with the essential oils of lemon, orange, rosemary, chamomile, and lavender. Packaged sustainably, L’Occitaine developed this formulation with 98% readily biodegradable ingredients. Its feathery light, luxurious texture offers a unique sensorial experience, while the exquisite fragrance awakens the senses. 

Drunk Elephant


It’s not all about shampoo bars, solid body bars are also becoming a popular option for consumers. Drunk Elephant’s Pekee Bar is a fragrance and soap-free body bar formulated with skin-friendly ingredients to help cleanse and calm the skin. The mild pH 6.5 body bar helps cleanse without drying or stripping the skin its protective barrier. 



This natural and vegan-friendly shampoo bar from Respire has a gentle pH and offers a generous foam. Using 100% recycled packaging, respire boast using this bar as an alternative to a plastic shampoo saves around 8 plastic bottles a year.



Tropic focus on consumers wanting to reduce their environmental footprint on the planet without having to sacrifice product performance. This eco-friendly cleanser offers consumers a concentrated body wash made using coconut to provide a rich, creamy lather suitable for all skin types. Because the body bar is pH-balanced it can be used anywhere on the body, even your hair.



Tapping into the male grooming market, L’Oreal Men Expert developed this solid shampoo and wash bar for hair, face, beard and body. Developed with a soft pH and enriched with Cedarwood Essential Oil, L’Oreal have created an all-body bar the provides the perfect clean from head to toe.



We absolutely love Ethiques’ climate positive ethos – something we here at Stephenson share a similar passion for! Their product portfolio promotes plastic-free, less water, compostable packaging and carbon-neutral benefits, not to mention they plant 1 tree for every order. Free from fragrance, sulfates and essential oils – Ethique provides a solid shampoo for delicate skin which helps smooth and protect your hair.



Garnier Ultimate Blends Honey Treasures helps to strengthen damaged hair due to it rich sustainably sourced ingredients including honey & beeswax. This 97% biodegradable lasts 2x longer than it’s a liquid alternative and its formula leaves hair nourished and protected from day to day damage.

Yves Rocher


This gentle solid shampoo bar ensures your hair will be left soft and shiny. Sulphate free and made using 99% organic ingredients, Yves Rocher commit to planting one tree fir every purchase made which ties in nicely with their other environmentally friends USP’s such as zero plastic packaging and 99% biodegradable ingredients.

Solid format shampoo, conditioner and body bars are here to stay, there’s no doubt about it. With brands beginning to establish a market share, there’s no time to question if you should have a stake in this captive market.

Brands and manufacturers looking for dermatologically tested bars with neutral pH and luxurious performance characteristics need to look no further.

The future of solid format personal care products...

Syndopal 300-MB offers brands all the performance characteristics of high-end liquid shampoo and body bars without the negative association with plastic pollution, deforestation and carbon footprint.   

Shampoo bars made using Syndopal 300-MB last up to 2.5x longer than the liquid alternative (Ayton User Study). This syndet base is 100% soap-free, high-foaming and carries non-irritant claims*. 

Hit the link below for trends, insights and more information on how your brand can disrupt the market in 2022 with this innovative syndet base.  

*Ophthalmologically tested, results show low potential for eye irritation - This applies to our base only and not for end products with added ingredients. It is advised that customers get their end product tested for their product to hold this claim. 

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