Seventh Generation and Stephenson Personal Care

Stephenson Personal Care & Seventh Generation work to promote, and support RSPO Sustainable Palm Oil use in new consumer product range…

Seventh Generation and Stephenson Personal Care

Over the last decade, Palm oil demand as a raw material for consumer products has increased dramatically. Unfortunately, this ramp in demand has come at a great cost to the environment, and eco-systems, specifically tropical rainforests in Indonesia and Malaysia.

This extreme demand has led to the destruction, (often illegal) of the rainforest and as such has endangered many species of animals, primarily the Orangutan. Stephenson have supported the RSPO in ensuring that all of our palm usage is from certified sustainable plantations, and traceable to source. We take great pleasure in seeing the supply chain develop and knowing that together with our partners we are making a difference to the environment. We have worked alongside Seventh Generation to develop solutions and formulations to use only RSPO palm. The most recent, being Seventh Generation’s new soap bar that is made with 100% RSPO Certified Segregated Sustainable Palm & Palm Kernel Oils.

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