New Melt & Pour Soap Base

Stephenson Launch World’s first Melt & Pour Soap Base made using 100% RSPO Certified Sustainable Palm & Palm Kernel oils

New Melt & Pour Soap Base

Stephenson Launch World’s first Melt & Pour Soap Base made using 100% RSPO Certified Sustainable Palm & Palm Kernel oils…

Leading Specialty Soap manufacturer Stephenson Personal Care has developed and launched the first Melt & Pour soap base to be made exclusively with 100% RSPO Certified Sustainable Palm & Palm Kernel Oils.

The Leeds-based company and New Britain Oils, which operates a sustainable palm oil refinery in Liverpool, have been developing supply of sustainable oils into the Personal Care market for the last few years. The new Melt & Pour soap base named CRYSTAL SP SG will sit alongside the company’s other RSPO product bases, OPAL SP SG (Extruded Soap Base) and Liquid PK SG (Liquid Potassium Soap Base)

Stephenson Personal Care’s products, which are exported worldwide, are used by customers to create a wide range of finished soap bars and products by the simple addition of fragrances, colours and other additives. The new CRYSTAL SP SG Soap Base will appeal to the craft and hobbyist soap making sector, as well as assisting brands and large global manufacturers fulfill their sustainability ambitions and criteria.

Chief executive Jamie Bentley said: “As an ethical manufacturer committed to sustainability in the personal care market, this is another great product to add to our portfolio. We strive to offer the Personal Care market innovative soap bases by using our skills in creative chemistry this is a great example of us doing just that”

Why choose an RSPO certified soap base?

In response to the urgent and pressing global call for sustainably produced palm oil, the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) was formed in 2004 with the objective of promoting the growth and use of sustainable palm oil.

RSPO is a not-for-profit association that unites stakeholders from seven sectors of the palm oil industry – oil palm producers, palm oil processors or traders, consumer goods manufacturers, retailers, banks and investors, environmental or nature conservation NGOs and social or developmental NGOs – to develop and implement global standards for sustainable palm oil

RSPO Sustainability Principles:

  • Transparency
  • Use best practices
  • Care for environment, natural resources, and biodiversity
  • Consider rights of workers, and smallholders
  • Develop new plantings responsibly
  • Further information on RSPO can be found by visiting

Product information can be found by visiting:

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