Featured Soaper - Latika

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Featured Soaper - Latika

I’ve been working with Latika for some time now, Mazzi and Erez are great fun, creative and have incredible passion for their soap making business. It made total sense to invite them to be our ‘Featured Soapers’ this month. They’ve worked incredibly hard to start a business in the USA and we’re delighted to be working with them in the USA- Chris (Stephenson’s)

Here’s their story…

“Latika is a soap boutique, where we let our creativity go wild and enjoy making fun, happy bath treats and soaps that “look like stuff” we make a wide range of Glycerin soap slices, but also buttons, cupcakes, cameras and even the odd moustache, we are just about to launch some new products including an Organic Natural Liquid soap range.”

""We are a husband and wife operation, we work together and magically it works out well…!""

“Latika soap started as a hobby in Israel, and quickly grew into a successful business, with great press coverage in Israel, we had been featured on TV, Radio and Print. It was not long after this growth that we decided to move to Austin, Texas in the beginning of 2012 and open our first USA soap making facility.

The transition is challenging, moving from Israel to the USA, taking and developing our brand and business, but we love what we do and enjoy working in a great town like Austin. We’ve also managed to get some great retailers to stock our products, we’ve run some great sales online, and not long ago we’re featured on FOX DC News, you’ll see the video at the bottom…”

“Our soaps and bath treats are all handcrafted, using premium quality materials such at Stephenson Melt & Pour Soap Bases, Liquid Soaps and carefully selected scents and colours. We Melt our product using our melters, and create our own formulations and moulds depending on what we want to create… it’s fun and always changing!”

“We specialize in custom designs and personalized items. We make a lot of our moulds in house, and love coming up with new ideas to send a message, and designing the perfect gift.”

“We chose the name Latika, a Hindu girl’s name that means “little plant” to us it means a lot, delicate beautiful and we are always working to develop our range os interesting and unique products.

Every design, scent and color we eventually choose to launch, has a little story behind it: why it was made, what inspired us and how we put it together. “

“We enjoy what we do, we love making soap. We hope to bring a smile to your face when you see our soaps, and that sweet feeling when you smell it :)

Here’s a quick picture of us with our latest order, working hard and of course we always ‘Keep Calm & Make Soap’ thanks to Stephenson for the support, the T Shirt, and we look forward to working on many new products.”

You can join Latika on Facebook right here, or shop directly by visiting the Latika shop.

“We we’re recently featured on FOX DC News, for the ‘Laura’s Likes’ section, this was a fantastic boost for us, you can see the clip of the Latika focus below.”

Happy Soaping!

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