How to Make Honey & Grapefruit Soap

To celebrate the launch of our new Crystal Honey Melt & Pour soap base, we've created a fun and effective recipe to make Honey and Grapefruit soap!

You will need:

Step 1

Cut up your Crystal Honey base into chunks and place in a large, microwavable jug. Whilst heating in the microwave, prepare your mold by lining the bottom with bubble wrap. Ensure that the bubbles in your bubble wrap are facing upwards.

Step 2

Once the Crystal Honey base has melted and is a smooth consistency throughout, remove from microwave and add your grapefruit fragrance. Pour into your ice cube tray. Once set, these small soap pieces will be your grapefruit scented embeds.

Step 3

Ensure your embeds are fully set before removing from the mold. Using a knife, carefully chop any excess soap to neaten the embeds up. Next, prepare your Crystal ST base by chopping into chunks and placing into a microwavable jug.

Step 4

Whilst your Crystal ST is melting, pour a layer of Crystal Honey mixture into the bottom of the mold, covering about an inch over the bubble wrap. Spray generously with IMS and leave to set.

Step 5

Once this first layer has set, take your embeds and place them neatly in rows. Cover the embeds with your Crystal ST layer.

Step 6

Once set, place more embeds on top of the second layer and fill in with the Crystal ST. Fill to the top of the loaf mold and ensure that all embeds are covered. Spray generously with IMS.

Step 7

Take another piece of bubble wrap and place face down on top of the soap. Leave like this to set completely.

Step 8

Chop into pieces, or present your soap in your own unique way!

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