How to Create a Festive Foaming Bath Butter using Crystal OPC

Recipes Calendar Date 30/11/2016
How to Create a Festive Foaming Bath Butter using Crystal OPC

You Will Need:

  • Crystal OPC Foaming Bath Butter
  • Sugar
  • Colour
  • Fragrance
  • Electric Whip
  • Finishing Jar
  • Cosmetic Glitter

Step 1

Remove the Crystal OPC from the tub and cut into small chunks.

Step 2

Whisk your Crystal OPC for at least 10 minutes - the longer you whip the base for the better! It should become a smooth consistency.

Step 3

Add no more then 1% fragrance & 1% colour. It’s surprising how far the colour will go so don’t be tempted to add lots in first - a little bit at a time will work just fine!

Step 4

Add the sugar into the mixture. As a general rule, you will need to add the same amount of sugar as there is Crystal OPC base. For example, 100g of sugar for every 100g of Crystal OPC Foaming Bath Butter.

Step 5

Whip the base until all the sugar has been worked into the base evenly.

Step 6

Add a dash of glitter and whip until worked in.

Step 7

Decant into your chosen tubs/jars.

Step 8

Add your finishing touches - in this instance I added a toping of glitter and a soap Snowman embed I had spare from a previous recipe.

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