How to Make Vanilla and Marshmallow Scented Body Butter

This Vanilla and Marshmallow Body Butter recipe is easy and fun to make! Follow the steps on the video to create your very own luxurious body butter that will smell good enough to eat!

Step 1

Place the body butter base into the microwave and heat until the base reaches around 50-60°C (130 Fahrenheit).

Step 2

Mix well and ensure temperature is between 50-60°C (130 Fahrenheit). This ensures the base will not separate.

Step 3

Add your fragrance, oils and any other additives you would like to use. We have used a vanilla oil, cosmetic glitter, pink colouring and a marshmallow fragrance oil.

Step 4

Mix thoroughly until the body butter is a smooth consistency.

Pour into a your containers and you have your very own Vanilla and Marshmallow scented Body Butter.

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