How to Make Vanilla and Marshmallow Scented Body Butter

Recipes Calendar Date 16/01/2017
How to Make Vanilla and Marshmallow Scented Body Butter

Step 1

Place the body butter base into the microwave and heat until the base reaches around 50-60°C (130 Fahrenheit).

Step 2

Mix well and ensure temperature is between 50-60°C (130 Fahrenheit). This ensures the base will not separate.

Step 3

Add your fragrance, oils and any other additives you would like to use. We have used a vanilla oil, cosmetic glitter, pink colouring and a marshmallow fragrance oil.

Step 4

Mix thoroughly until the body butter is a smooth consistency.

Pour into a your containers and you have your very own Vanilla and Marshmallow scented Body Butter.

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