Product Announcement: Liquid Castile Soap Base

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Product Announcement: Liquid Castile Soap Base

In 2017 we are changing the name of our Liquid Castile Soap base to Liquid Soap 105. Here at Stephenson, our team are continuously improving product performance and quality. Following recent testing we have made some slight adjustments to our ‘Organic Liquid Castile’ formulation to improve the clarity, colour, consistency and base odour, making this popular Liquid Soap even better to work with.

A result of our formula adjustments is that we have had to re-certify the soap base with the various Organic Certification bodies, as such there are some small changes in the organic % certification:

Europe and the rest of the world

COSMOS* Organic %

  • Liquid Soap 105C - 23%

*Please note that due to changes in Organic certification, Ecocert and Soil Association are being replaced by the COSMOS standard. Find out more here.

Despite the slightly lower Organic %, the product can still be marketed in the same way - ‘made with organic ingredients’

However, we still recommend that run your own formulation testing and organic re-calculation to ensure your products are in line with COSMOS regulations.

For information on COSMOS certification and the changes that took effect at the beginning of 2017, please have a look at our COSMOS guide here.

For further information, please have a look at these resources we have published on our website:

We are sure that this change will only improve the quality of the products and we welcome any questions. You can get in touch with us here.

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