Inspiration: Innovation in Traditional Bar Soap Products

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Inspiration: Innovation in Traditional Bar Soap Products


Antibacterial packaging claims are rising in popularity among consumers alongside the unsubstantiated notion that bar soap harbours germs, and doesn’t possess the same antibacterial properties as it’s liquid counterpart.

  • Brand: Dettol
  • Packaging Claims: Antibacterial, Hygienic, Protection
  • Fragrance: Original

Image Credit: Dettol

  • Handmade By: Aromavita
  • Packaging Claims: Antibacterial, Antiseptic, Natural
  • Fragrance: Oregano

Image Credit: Aromavita


With exercise becoming more a part of our lives than ever before, soap products relating to sports and performance are increasing in popularity among consumers.

  • Brand: Old Spice
  • Packaging Claims: Endurance, Sport
  • Fragrance: Pure Sport Scent

Image Credit: Old Spice

  • Handmade By: Lou Brown Designs
  • Packaging Claims: After Workout, Relaxing, Soothing
  • Fragrance:Jojoba

Image Credit: Lou Brown Designs


Products with multiple uses and marketed towards saving people time on their daily cleansing routine are popular among consumers at the moment.

  • Brand: Molton Brown
  • Packaging Claims: Exfoliating, Body Scrub, Re-Charge
  • Fragrance: Black Pepper

Image Credit: Molton Brown

  • Handmade By: Sahi Naturals
  • Packaging Claims: Charcoal, Scrub, Natural, Oily Skin1.
  • Fragrance: Fragrance-Free

Image Credit: Sahi Naturals

Premium Positioning

Mintel suggests that consumers are willing to spend more on artisan, or premium soap bars but less often. 61% of people are interested in purchasing products that have quality ingredients and luxurious product claims such as aromatherapy, skincare and hygiene.

Brand: Floris Packaging Claims: Luxury, Rich, Creamy Fragrance: Bergamot, Lemon, Lime

Image Credit: Floris

  • Handmade By: Cheshire Soap Company
  • Packaging Claims: Handmade, Luxury, Natural
  • Fragrance: Eucalyptus

Image Credit: Cheshire Soap Company

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