How to create spooky halloween pumpkin soaps

Recipes Calendar Date 28/09/2017
How to create spooky halloween pumpkin soaps


  • 500KG Crystal Shea
  • 500KG Crystal SLS & SLES Free
  • Pumpkin soap mould
  • Orange Colourant
  • Black Colourant
  • Orange Essential Oil
  • Grey Glitter
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Heat proof container

Step 1

Chop the soap into small meltable pieces and add to your heat proof container.

Step 3

Using a pipette, add your black colorant in small increments – be careful not to add too much!

Step 4

Add your glitter – a little glitter goes a long way so again, stir in small amounts!

Step 5

Add no more than 2% fragrance to your soap base.

Step 6

Moving on to the Crystal Shea, add your colourant until you’re happy with your Pumpkin Orange

Step 7

Take your Sparkly Black Crystal SLS & SLES free soap and carefully pour a small layer into the mould, covering only the bottom of the base. I did the same with the orange base too so 3 soaps would have a black top layer and 3 would have an orange base layer.

Step 8

Leave to set for a few minutes. As it’s a thin layer it should not take too long to set. Once you’ve left it to set for a few minute, use your finger to gently press on the layer to see how soft it is. If it’s solid you can now finish pouring the rest of your soap into the mold. Pour the alternative colour into each mould so you’re left with black/orange or orange/black soaps. Leave to set.

Step 9

Remove soaps from the moulds!

Whilst this is a really simple recipe It was quite tricky to get the base layer in all the intricate gaps, this might take a bit of attention to get it right first time. If goes wrong, leave it to set and remove the layer and start again.

Enjoy your Halloween themed soaps!

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