Ingredient Spotlight: Sunflower Oil in the Personal Care Sector

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Ingredient Spotlight: Sunflower Oil in the Personal Care Sector

What Exactly is Sunflower Oil

Sunflower oil is the oil from compressed sunflower seeds. Originally amber in colour, unrefined Sunflower Oil is mild in taste and odour. It is these properties that make Sunflower Oil ideal in food and cooking applications. Countries with the largest annual yields of Sunflower Oil include Russia, Ukraine and Argentina. Sunflower Oil contains high levels of linoleic acid (60%), oleic acid (30%), stearic acid (6% and palmitic acid (5%). Low in saturated fat, it is also a rich source of vitamin E.

Sunflower Field

What are the benefits of using Sunflower Oil?

As a safe non-toxic oil, Sunflower Oil is a cost-effective alternative in comparison to other oils with similar properties. Sunflower Oil contains a great balance of fatty acids that are vital to maintaining health. When ingested, it has various health benefits as a result of the Omega-6 fatty acids. However, in Personal Care applications it also possesses a wealth of benefits.


Being rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E it possesses deeply moisturising properties. Fatty acids, specifically linoleic acid, help maintain the skin barrier and decrease water loss from the epidermal layer in the stratum corneum. Sunflower oil is used in a wide range of emulsions for the face and body and research also suggests that it can help boost ceramide molecules that promote soft and smooth skin, combatting dryness commonly caused by traditional surfactants. It is also a common ingredient in solid and liquid applications, specifically haircare, due to its moisture rich and non-greasy feel on the hair.

Sbo luxe sunflower body oil


The high vitamin E content found in Sunflower Oil makes this ingredient a powerful antioxidant. It is known to combat free radicals which are a result of pollution and other daily skin stresses. By eradicating these free radicals on the skin, research suggests that Sunflower Oil is good for use within anti-ageing formulations.


Sunflower Oil is an ethical and sustainable solution to other oils commonly used in the personal care industry. Unrefined Sunflower Oil is easy to make and is derived from the seed of the plant through cold pressing – a natural and simple method of pressing the oil out of the seeds. It is fully vegetable derived, and suitable for vegetarians. There is evidence that growing sunflowers are good for soil health and pollination. They are a relatively easy crop to grow, in that it is resilient to drought and other extreme weather types.

Stephenson and Sunflower Oil

Sunflower Oil is extremely suitable for the saponification process, and its range of skin and health benefits makes this an ideal ingredient within the personal care industry. We use sunflower oil in a few of our cosmetic bases, due to its emollient and skin-smoothing properties. Our Easy Lotion Base, Easy Cream Base and Hair Conditioner Base all use Sunflower Oil as the main oil ingredient, enriched with vitamin E. If you would like to request about these products or find out more about the use of Sunflower Oil within Stephenson, then please enquire here.

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