How Lucy Bee is growing her business with a new coconut soap bar

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How Lucy Bee is growing her business with a new coconut soap bar

About Lucy Bee

Lucy’s passion for health and fitness began at a young age when she was diagnosed with coeliac, a condition where the gluten in wheat attacks your gut. Lucy’s motivation and passion soon evolved towards promoting a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, particularly the benefits of using organic materials.

An interest and love of the healthy properties of foods, especially coconut oil, is what led Lucy’s family to start the business offering a range of organic consumer products, which is at the heart of the company’s ethos.

Manufacturing soap bars using coconut oil

Coconut is not the easiest oil to work with due to its melting characteristics, thus the manufacturing process had to be carefully thought through to ensure high product quality. The objective of the project was to create the best pure coconut soap bar, while still ensuring qualities of soap – great cleansing, moisturising and foaming properties and a scent that customers would love.

The project required thorough research and after several development processes, meetings and trials, Lucy Bee’s coconut soap bar was tested and produced successfully and ready for larger scale manufacturing production.

Lucy said: “In beauty products, coconut oil can sometimes be difficult to work with as an ingredient, so it was important to ensure the manufacturing process was without complication”.

Lucy visiting Stephenson Personal CareLucy visiting Stephenson Personal Care

Satisfied Customer

After visiting and watching Lucy’s first eight tonne product batch finalised in Stephenson’s manufacturing plant in July, she was pleased with the results and is excited about the new product launch in October.

“It was great to finally see my coconut oil being used to make the soap, it has been a long process so seeing it in action was amazing. An added bonus is that the factory smelt like coconut. It really makes you appreciate the amount of work that goes into creating the soap noodles, seeing it step by step” – Lucy Buckingham.

coconut oil soap bar produced by Stephenson

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