Stephenson Launches Innovative Ultra Mild Soap-free Syndet Base, Syndopal

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Stephenson Launches Innovative Ultra Mild Soap-free Syndet Base, Syndopal

The new ultra-mild base Syndopal is adaptable for cosmetic, premium mass market and pharmacy applications and for the first time, provides manufacturers in the personal care and cosmetics markets with access to high speed syndet bar production without the need for specialist equipment.

Syndopal is a unique syndet extruded base processed in the same way as traditional extruded soap noodles. Appearing as a white opaque pellet, the product is also free from dust and agglomeration. The unique production process has overcome the longstanding problem of syndet bases being flaky and brittle which requires the need for expensive, specialist equipment. According to Stephenson, many manufacturers do not have access to the specialist equipment required which restricts product range capability and profitability.

Manufacturing Syndets Previously

Jamie Bentley, CEO at Stephenson commented:

"Historically syndet bases are difficult to manufacture due to their low water and brittle structure, unlike normal extruded soap noodles. This rules out production for many manufactures as their equipment is optimised for traditional soap noodles."

Syndet – The Revolution

Stephenson have been working on Syndopal for over five years with the objective of creating a high-quality base that enables contract manufacturers and brands to add value to their existing product portfolio. Technology, innovation and science have led the company to create the innovative new base, with the capability of manufacturing syndet using existing extruded equipment and bar stampers.

Understanding customer need

Continued Jamie Bentley:

"We realised this was a real challenge for many of our customers who wanted to expand their range and create soap free products but couldn’t due to how difficult it was to process and manufacture syndet. We knew that if we could develop a base that was more like traditional extruded soap noodles, we could help our customers access and open up new markets, add value and offer their own customers something different through product diversification."

Syndopal is a soap-free, pH 5.5-6.5 noodle, which produces an ultra-mild syndet bar, ensuring superior cleansing to produce premium quality syndet, which gently remove dirt, oil and make-up without disrupting the skin’s natural barrier.

As well as being 100% soap free and ultra-mild, other key benefits for consumers include its suitability for sensitive skin and is non-dragging, non-irritant, non-drying, SLS-free, paraben free and PEG-free. Jamie Bentley added:

"Due to it being ultra-mild, Syndopal is adaptable for cosmetic, premium mass market and pharmacy applications. Syndet soap free products have a similar pH to skin (5.5) and are popular with consumers due to their ability to maintain the skins natural moisture by preserving lipid and protein layers which helps skin stay hydrated."

"Cosmetic brands and manufacturers benefit from improved processability compared with alternative syndets in the market. As Syndopal processes like an extruded vegetable soap noodle - with no dust or cracking, excellent production throughout can be achieved. This results in increased run rates, better yields and cost savings. It really does open up the sector for manufacturers who previously would not have been able to manufacture syndet bars. Feedback following trials with selected manufacturers have been outstanding so we’re very excited to see the reaction from the wider market."


Changing marketplace and environmental responsibilities

To add, personal care industry as a whole is entering a period of change in the market place with demand for sensitive skin products, the resurgence in bar soaps and solid shampoos plus growing pressures to reduce packaging and waste. All of which are changing the landscape.

"In summary, Syndopal really does open up the sector for manufacturers who would not have been able to manufacture syndet bars previously, across cosmetic, pharmacy and mass market applications."

In-Cosmetics 2020-2021

This year we have participated at In-cosmetics Global with the technical seminar entitled “Solid format bases – the options”. This expert seminar with Jordanne and Jasmine outlines solid format market drivers and product opportunities for innovative personal care applications.

You can watch the seminar below or contact us to help you with the next product launch.

For more information about Syndopal, download the brochure.

Download Syndopal Brochure Here

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