Durosoft GMS-SG – the only RSPO emulsifier for cosmetics market

The personal care and cosmetics markets are set to reach $22 billion by 2024 due to changing consumers' attitudes towards living “greener” lifestyles. Here at Stephenson, we embrace this drive and thus we want to provide more innovative and sustainable solutions through sourcing methods, production processes and natural ingredients to offer overall sustainability claims for brands and consumers.

To meet consumers attitudes for natural and sustainable personal care and cosmetics products, Stephenson offers brands, manufacturers and formulators a range of sustainable cosmetic ingredients, called Durosoft.

Part of the Stephenson Durosoft range and unlike other emulsifiers, Durosoft GMS-SG is the only emulsifier currently widely available in the market from a RSPO segregated source. It also has the same chemistry as a standard GMS (Glyceryl Stearate, also known as Glyceryl MonoStearate) so it is a straight swap. No need to reformulate the already existing formulation.

Stephenson are members of the Round table on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and POIG and they know the real advantage of sustainable RSPO segregated material is that its 100% traceable, so you know exactly where the material is coming from unlike mass balance materials.

Natural and sustainable ingredients

The COMOS approved Durosoft range was developed by Stephenson’s technical innovations chemists to provide brands and formulators with “green” ingredient benefits to transfer into product claims and current R&D formulations as well as future cosmetic and personal care products.

Core benefits to manufacturers:

Manufacturers can also benefit from Durosoft’s range of monoglyceryl and polyglyceryl esters that cover a broad array of HLB values (4-17), with a combination of oil soluble thickeners, emollients and emulsifiers, alongside multifunctional emulsifiers and solubilisers that go into the aqueous phases.

These are non-ionic so compatible with anionic, cationic and other non-ionic materials with no deleterious effect from electrolytes, therefore offering greater stability for final formulations.

The range is PEG (polyethylene glycol) and EO (ethoxylate) free, with 100% naturally derived esters produced via principles of “green” chemistry, making them skin friendly and vegan compliant.

Download our Brochure below or enquire about Durosoft GMS-SG here.

Download Durosoft Brochure Here

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