Soap Club Recipe: Be a mermaid in a sea full of fish

Recipes Calendar Date 15/03/2020
Soap Club Recipe: Be a mermaid in a sea full of fish

In this recipe our #StephensonSoapClub winner walks us through her winning Crystal Melt & Pour recipe ‘Be a mermaid in a sea full or fish’. Follow along using simple ingredients and your favourite Stephenson Soap Base.

Maker: Bath Bomb Boutique Co.

Soap Bases used: Crystal ST & Crystal WST

Step One

Lay your loaf mould on one side, make all mermaid tails and shells.

Step Two

Place the mermaid tails in the correct position for slicing. Hold on place with first layer of soap keeping the loaf on a slant.

Step Three

As soon as possible lay your mould flat, pour in the second layer to just bellow the bottom of the mermaid tails.

Crystal Melt & Pour Soap in mouldReady for the clear soap layer!

Step Four

Add the (sand layer) of soap. Add a little bit of glitter and place one shell on the sand per slice of soap.

Step Five

Fill the rest of the mould with clear soap!

Finished soap slicesThe beautiful finished soap slices

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