Formulate natural cleansing products for sensitive skin

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Formulate natural cleansing products for sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is a global concern. Product claims are among the fastest-growing in Asia Pacific (APAC) countries and could expand further given consumer interest and frustrations. In Japan, 50% of adults are concerned about sensitive skin, followed by China, with 31% of adults. Europe also presents the opportunity for both men and women as both are concerned about sensitive skin, as per the image:

Sensitive skin is a high concern among customers in EuropeSensitive skin is a high concern among customers in Europe

More is being expected of brands and manufacturers to address and to provide solutions for consumers with sensitive skin, whilst still offering natural product formulations. In Europe, the segment’s NPD is currently at 13% and could expand further considering existing demand, according to Mintel.

Further opportunities in Europe exist for products addressing sensitive skin in male grooming and increasing interest in looking after tattoos, see our blog here for more information.

Clean beauty is of high importance in sensitive skincare formulations

The ‘clean beauty’ market sector is becoming crowded as more brands try to capitalise on the opportunities that this space presents. New entrants include major and independent players alike (Avon and The Inkey List), both recognising growth potential in new product development (NPD) that aligns with consumer interest in healthier, simpler, purer and more natural lifestyles. Mintel/lLightspeed data reveals that in the UK, nearly half (49%) of women indicated that it’s important for their beauty/grooming routine to be ‘clean’. Similarly, the Asian market presents a growing interest in clean-beauty.

Ingredient transparency is now essential as consumers demand to know what is being used or not used in cosmetic brands’ products. Without this transparency, it is impossible for brands to build and maintain trust and loyalty amongst customers whilst trying to convey a positive eco message that is now one of the key consumer considerations. Paraben-free and ethical claims are among the fastest-growing brand and product claims that consumers are now expectant of, for more look at our blog here.

Addressing male-grooming and tattooed skincare naturally

Opportunities are abundant in men’s grooming for more brands to target tattooed men, given the on-going popularity and acceptance of tattoos. New product development in tattoo-specific represents around 1% of recent launches and can expand further.

Major global brand Unilever has added an Ink Romeo Lacoste variant to its Lynx/Axe Body Wash brand. Formulated with vitamin E, olive oil and glycerin, the body wash is designed to keep tattoos looking bright, fresh and vibrant. This represents a huge growth area for formulators and combined with the market for beard grooming and facial hair, represents a major opportunity for brands to really assert their innovation credentials.

Tattoo themed body creams, lotions, gels and even face and body cleansers can expand and evolve to create a point of differentiation and added value. One such innovation is available in a more disruptive patch format. Developed by CarePatch, the Boost Tattoo hydrogel patch with keratin has an exfoliating effect to reveal clearer and brighter colour, and also moisturises and soothes skin. Many brands are responding proactively to the growth in macro natural/clean and eco trends – as examined in Mintel BPC Trends Sub-Zero Waste and Playing Mother Nature.

Formulating natural cleansing for sensitive skin with Durosoft PG10L-SG

Stephenson offer natural personal care ingredients include a range of sustainable emulsifiers and solubilisers to aid product development for mild natural formulations suitable for sensitive skin. With DUROSOFT® PG10L-SG an RSPO certified segregated grade of polyglyceryl-10 Laurate, approved by Cosmos and China compliant, formulators can develop a range of gentle cleansers, body washes or creams and lotions with a pleasant and soft skin feel.

An effective natural cleansing formulation is provided as a mild rinse-off application for sensitive skin with Durosoft PG10L-SG. This skin and eye-friendly cleanser can gently remove make-up, dirt and oil from the face and body. See formulation below:

Natural facial cleanser formulationNatural facial cleanser formulation

For more mild formulation ideas to develop on-demand products with Durosoft natural range of emulsifiers and solubilisers click below:

Download Durosoft Formulations Guide

Durosoft range offers mild natural ingredients for formulators

What makes DUROSOFT® unique is the COSMOS approved ingredients, where some are derived from RSPO Segregated palm oil or rapeseed and sunflower seed oil.

  • Esters that are compatible with oil and water phases
  • Ingredients are mild for the skin but effective
  • No deleterious effect on temperature sensitive ingredients
  • Enables brand owners to make sustainable and natural finished product claims with certifications (eg. COSMOS & RSPO)
  • The portfolio covers a wide HLB range of 4 – 17 and our ingredients can be used in combination with each other to achieve the required HLB of a formulation
  • Electrolyte tolerant

Contact us here for more information about Durosoft range and formulations.

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