Soap Club Recipe: Lemon and Lime Slice

Recipes Calendar Date 16/04/2020
Soap Club Recipe: Lemon and Lime Slice

In this recipe our #StephensonSoapClub winner walks us through her winning Crystal Melt & Pour recipe ‘Lemon and Lime Slice’. Follow along using simple ingredients and your favourite Stephenson Soap Base.

Maker: Valerie

Soap Bases used: Crystal Argan Oil, Crystal ST & Crystal OPC-LP

Step One

Make a single rectangular bar of soap using two lots of 50g of Stephenson’s Crystal Argan Oil soap base, making the first layer yellow and the second layer green. Allow to set after pouring.

Step Two

De-mould the bar and then use a spiraliser, peeler or knife to cut the bar into fine shreds.

Step Three

Melt 400g of Stephenson’s Crystal ST soap base then once cooled sufficiently add 2.5ml lemon essential oil and 2.5ml of lime essential oil, together with green or yellow mica colouring. Pour a little into the base of a half loaf mould (holding approximately 500ml) and then fill the mould with the yellow and green shreds made previously. Top up with the remaining melted coloured clear base and tap the sides of the mould to release any trapped bubbles. Then working quickly, tuck the shreds under the surface of the soap and spray with rubbing alcohol. Allow to set and lightly score the surface of the soap with fine hash marks.

Step Four

Whip approximately 150g of Stephenson’s Crystal OPC Foaming Bath Butter until it has doubled in volume, then gently fold in 0.5ml of lemon essential oil and 0.5ml lime essential oil and pipe or smooth on top of the soap loaf.

Lemon & Lime Soap Slice

Step Five

Allow to set fully then de-mould and slice into three or four generous soap bars. Enjoy!

Lemon & Lime Soap Slice

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