Product Update: New Multi-Purpose Liquid Soap 2020

Stephenson recently launched a multi-purpose liquid soap base - Liquid Soap 2020, to aid the fight against the current Coronavirus crisis. It has been specifically formulated to be an all-purpose soap, suitable for both personal care, such as hand washing and multi-purpose cleansing product for hard surfaces and floors.

Liquid Soap 2020 is derived from natural vegetable oil and is ready to use. To learn more, view product listing here.

Watch the video below to find out more about Liquid Soap 2020 and its features and applications.

Manufacturers and cosmetics brands also have the capability of enhancing the liquid formulation by adding fragrance and/or thickening. It is available to order in 5kg kegs or 1000kg IBCs and is being mass produced for international deliveries within a two-week turnaround time.

The resulting product, Liquid Soap 2020, is suitable for dispensing into hand pump containers making it ideal for commercial and domestic use with across a variety of product applications.

Liquids Soap 2020 - Multipurpose Soap base for personal care and home care applications

Liquids Soap 2020 – Multipurpose Soap base for personal care and homecare applications

For more information, please enquire here:

Learn more about Liquid Soap 2020 and enquire here

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