Durosoft PG4-O for formulating solid formats, waterless cosmetics and more

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Durosoft PG4-O for formulating solid formats, waterless cosmetics and more

What are natural emulsifiers?

An emulsifier is a substance that stabilises an emulsion by increasing its kinetic stability. One class of emulsifiers is known as “surface active agents”, or surfactants. Emulsifiers work due to their composite molecules being made up of two parts: one part loves water and one part loves oil. There are two types of emulsions: Water in Oil W/O and Oil in Water O/W.

Water in Oil W/O – in this emulsion the oil surrounds the water and the oil touches the skin first. The level of greasiness depends on the formula, which will be absorbed by the skin. If made correctly the emulsion will have little to no greasiness.

Oil in Water O/W – with this type of emulsion the oil is surrounded by water. This method creates cream and lotions that feel moist and less greasy. When absorbed into the skin there is very little to no oily residue. It is most likely that an emulsifying wax would be used in the creation of this emulsion.

Durosoft PG4-O natural Water in Oil W/O emulsifier

Durosoft PG4-O is a water in oil emulsifier perfect for creating thick formulations with low oil content that easily break in the application such as barrier creams, night creams and in sun protection products. Durosoft PG4-O is naturally derived from sunflower seed oil, its lipophilic properties make it ideal for use in waterfree formulations such as oil cleansers, massage oils and solid moisturising bars or sticks.

The esters provide a great starting point to enable the creation of a natural range of personal care products. Its non-ionic features make them perfect for formulating with an extensive range of cosmetic oils, active ingredients and surfactants.

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Innovations in waterless and solid stick formulations

Waterless haircare and skincare product launches have seen a double and triple increase in NPD in 2019 in comparison to previous years with applications such as hair, body and face oils, face masks and serums on the rise, according to Mintel data. Additionally, we review 4 reasons to launch products formulated without waterless formulations, check our previous blog here.

Solid stick formats, such as moisturising lotions offer opportunities for innovation. This is especially the case at the moment with the further need to moisturise dry hands after frequent washing, a measure that everybody is being encouraged to do to effectively prevent the spread of COVID-19.

"55% of UK soap, bath and shower product users are interested in buying products with reduced or no packaging, Mintel reports."

Durosoft PG4-O for waterless applications

In 2019, waterless skincare product launches increased in comparison to previous years with applications such as facial oils, face masks and serums experiencing a steady rise in popularity.

The water-free movement is gathering a great deal of attention in the beauty industry due to its many benefits. With warnings of water reserves becoming increasingly scarce and a rapidly growing eco-aware consumer market, using a product that has less water represents a giant leap in stimulating positive change for the planet without affecting day-to-day life.

Not only is the Durosoft PG4-O suitable for personal care formulations without water but also it is naturally-derived COSMOS approved ingredient that provides nice skin feel.

Our favourite solid format product is a full-body moisturiser by Kate McLeod Atelier, which is stone shaped and melts on contact with dry skin. With all natural attributes, cruelty-free, and zero plastic and reusable bamboo packaging.

Solid MoisturiserImage Credit: Mintel

PG4-O is one of the groundbreaking Durosoft® range of sustainable emulsifiers that Stephenson has added to its growing portfolio of personal care ingredients. The Durosoft® range has been specially created for brands and contract manufacturers to provide more options and solutions for the production of natural and sustainable cosmetics and personal care products.

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