Durosoft PG4L-SG - a natural emulsifier for skincare formulations

As emulsifiers are used more and more in skincare and cosmetic applications, oil in water emulsions are preferred when it comes to formulating natural lotions and creams and other skincare products. In this blog, we explore lotion and cream trends and possible formulations with Durosoft PG4L-SG emulsifier.

Growing claims in natural skincare

Trend analysis shows an increase in lotions and creams with natural claims in recent years. New products launched with natural claims have peaked in 2019, overtaking moisturising claims for the first time ever in the skincare category, as per Mintel.

In skincare, the fastest growing claims amongst the new product launches are ethical and sustainable, with other increasingly popular claims addressing sensitive skin, vegan and cruelty-free.

When it comes to formulating lotions and creams, oil in water (O/W) natural emulsifiers are used more in moisturising products (e.g. body lotions, day creams). The Durosoft range of ingredients can aid new product launches to help address these claims, while offering stability and sensorial benefits in moisturising products. Learn more here.

Natural cosmetics product launches globally

Image Credit: Mintel Report

Formulating natural creams and lotions with emulsifiers

There are 2 types of emulsifiers - water-in-oil (w/o) and oil-in-water (o/w). The later keep oil drops packed in water, while water-in-oil (w/o) emulsifiers keep water drops packed in oil. W/O emulsifiers are used for a fatty feel (e.g night & sun protection creams). O/W emulsifiers are used more in moisturising products (e.g. body lotions, day creams and often preferred by formulators.

Durosoft PG4L-SG natural emulsifier for personal care formulations

Durosoft PG4L-SG emulsifier for moisturisers

Durosoft PG4L-SG oil in water natural emulsifier for lotions and creams

The personal care product market is dynamic and constantly evolving. Keeping pace with current market trends and the advancements in cosmetic ingredients, the actives used need to be not just effective, but multi-functional as well to enable manufacturers and formulators to take their formulations to the next level.

Durosoft PG4L-SG is an RSPO segregated oil-in-water natural emulsifier suitable for the preparation of low viscosity cosmetic creams and lotions which spread easily on the skin. It is naturally derived from RSPO segregated palm kernel oil and creates emulsions with a light skin feel allowing a formulator to easily change the sensory effect of a formulation by adding sensory modifiers. This versatile ingredient also works as an emollient and a cleansing agent (surfactant).

Durosoft Product and Formulations Guide

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