Soap Club: Luscious Lemon & Lavender Lather Bar

Recipes Calendar Date 15/09/2020
Soap Club: Luscious Lemon & Lavender Lather Bar

In this recipe, our #StephensonSoapClub winner Victoria walks us through her winning Crystal Melt & Pour recipe ‘Luscious Lemon & Lavender Lather Bar’. Follow along using simple ingredients and your favourite Stephenson Soap Base.

Maker: Victoria - The Bees Knees Niceties, United Kingdom

Soap Base used: Crystal Shea

**Project Description:**A beautiful earthy soap with lemon and lavender.

Maker IntroductionA shea butter soap base, with exfoliating pollen granules, raw honey and finally lavender and lemon essential oils. Bees are awesome and their produce is always so full of luxurious goodness, combine some pollen granules and raw honey with the Stephenson’s Shea Butter Melt and Pour base, a couple of drops of both lemon and lavender essential oils and the result is so good. Certainly no need to moisturise after bathing with this soap bar!

Step One

Melt 4oz of Stephenson’s Shea Butter Melt and pour base using a glass jug and microwave. Stir well to ensure all lumps have been dissolved fully.

Step Two

Add a generous tablespoon of pollen granules and 1 teaspoon of raw honey and stir well.

Add 4-5 drops (each) of quality lemon and lavender essential oils. Stir well.

Step Three

Pour into your mould, this amount will produce 2 x 50g bars or one 100g bar. Decorate with a couple twigs of dried lavender once a film has formed over the soap.

Step Four

Once fully set, tie with some natural hemp string and pop into a little burlap bag if you wish to give as a gift.

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