How Covid 19 is enhancing the beauty and cosmetics industry

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How Covid 19 is enhancing the beauty and cosmetics industry

Strict hand cleanliness and regular, prolonged washing has never been more important than it is at the moment especially with most of the world having been in a prolonged period of lockdown as a result of the spread of coronavirus. Here at Stephenson, we have a range of soaps to tackle the spread of germs and throughout the duration of the pandemic, we have continued innovating to help brands and consumers maintain strong hand hygiene and remain safe and healthy.

Sanitiser and moisturiser manufacturers should be rubbing their hands together

Despite the impact caused by Covid-19 especially to businesses, many opportunities have also arisen. Hand care is one area of the personal care market which is well set for huge growth given the emphasis on hand washing and cleanliness over the past six months and this is set to continue for the foreseeable future. Good hand hygiene whether that be at work, in shops, pubs and restaurants, schools and at home is now a major priority for everyone which has created opportunities for formulators of handwashes and sanitisers as well as lotions, creams and moisturiser manufacturers who have seen demand for their products increase due to the practice of intense handwashing. Preventative measures have seen the market grow and demand for safe, good quality products which provide reassurance and comfort to consumers is increasing and thereby creating new opportunities for brands.

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According to Mintel, products considered preventative and safe will continue to see a big increase in demand during the ongoing coronavirus crisis, driving clear and lasting change across the personal care market.

Manufacturers and formulators are focusing on hand care innovation given the spotlight on hand hygiene. It is important to keep frequently washed/sanitised hands hydrated and protected from skin cracking/eczema and germs as cracked skin can allow germs and viruses to enter the body. This is generating opportunities for brands to be increasingly more creative with hand care and sanitiser packs and microbiome-friendly NPD.

NPD in the hand care market set for continued growth

Opportunities exist for a multitude of innovations in hand care and for brands to increase their market share thanks to the intense focus on hand hygiene as the world continues to get to grips with COVID-19.

Frequent use of hand moisturisers can help protect hands from dryness or eczema – issues that are exacerbated from the frequent washing and sanitising of hands during the pandemic.

As a knock on effect from increased handwashing, analysts at Mintel are predicting that hand creams will continue to be in greater demand. In particular, hand sanitisers that don’t dry out skin or have ‘benefits beyond sanitation’ such as moisturising or a fragrance will prove to have long lasting consumer appeal. Natural, eco and clean beauty and free from claims are increasingly important across beauty and personal care markets and are among the fastest-growing claims in bodycare.

Brands can also capitalise on hygiene and protection themes by highlighting antibacterial claims, developing touch-free formats, and promoting how keeping hands hydrated can prevent infection via cracked hand skin.

Probiotic handcare formulas are also having a substantial impact and helping to mitigate concerns around the stripping away of microbiome-friendly bacteria due to frequent hand washing and sanitising.

Stephenson liquid soap bases

Stephenson continues to offer high-quality cleansing products for tackling coronavirus. Offering a variety of liquid soap bases with high cleansing and moisturising properties, the range includes surfactant concentrates to certified natural and organic liquid soap bases, like Stephenson’s Liquid 105, Liquid 100 and Liquid 101.

Liquid soap bases offer a natural alternative to synthetic surfactants when used on their own or blended with natural surfactants. Changing demand and market analysis have led us to develop a range of application concepts in the personal care market using a small selection of our liquid soap bases.

To find out how Stephenson’s liquid bases can help with new product development enquire now!

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