In-cosmetics Global Seminar: Solid Formats For a Sustainable Future

Events Calendar Date 11/05/2021
In-cosmetics Global Seminar: Solid Formats For a Sustainable Future

Want to create Lush-like innovations that consumers crave?

According to recent data, the solid bar market is estimated to be valued at $3.4Bn - and that’s only going to grow over the next few years.

With many years of experience in the field of solid format bases, Stephenson presents the trends, developments and future of an industry that has challenged the traditional soap bar and now incorporates an ever-expanding range of applications through solid soap-free bars, whips, scrubs and jelly formats.

Solid formats are evolving!

In 2023 seminar, we have sharedd how we are in "Solid Format Evolution" - What's next for bars in personal care.

During the seminar, Tim and Rachel discussed the benefits of solid formats and showcased Stephenson’s innovative Syndopal range, ideal for manufacturing more than bars for solid skincare and haircare applications. The seminar highlighted the importance of solid formats in addressing sustainability issues and appealing to wellness-seeking consumers.

Similarly, one base, endless possibilities can be discoverred with our Syndopour 200-MB Hair & Body Wash Base that opens a world of opportunities for smaller scale soap and skincare brands. Syndopour 200-MB is RSPO certified and allows you to create a premium range of mild, pH-balanced hair, body, and facial bars through hot pour without large-scale manufacturing equipment.

One thing is clear, skincare and haircare bars are evolving and becoming increasingly popular among consumers who are looking for eco-friendly options with performance.

Evolution is here and the first-ever extruded conditioner is now available for brands and manufacturers globally.

To watch the full seminar,watch the below

Watch our solid formats seminar!

In the seminar, we challenge the common myths within the industry and showcase the differences between soap-free solutions against traditional formats. We look for product development opportunities addressing the key global sustainability pressures across facial, hair and body products in personal care, pharma and cosmetic markets.

-- Exciting products in different formats, applications and textures
-- Sustainability drivers for solid product trends globally
-- Common myths on free-from, preservatives and other claims
-- Manufacturing solutions for brands and manufacturers of personal care products
-- How Stephenson can help to get exciting products to the market efficiently with our base products

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