Autumnal Spice Lotion Recipe

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Autumnal Spice Lotion Recipe

This easy-to-follow recipe will guide you through creating a fragrant lotion that captures the essence of fall. With a warm blend of cranberry, orange, and cinnamon, your skin will feel pampered and ready to embrace the cosy vibes of Autumn.



  • 200g Stephenson’s Easy Lotion Base

  • 3g Apricot Kernel Oil

  • 1.5g Cranberry, Orange & Cinnamon fragrance

  • (Optional) Liquid colourant for a pop of autumnal hues


  • One mixing vessel

  • Weighing scale

  • A container of your choice for the finished product

  • Mixer for thorough blending



Step 1 - Weighing and Mixing:

1.     Using your trusty weighing scale, carefully measure 200g of the luxurious Stephenson’s Easy Lotion Base. This creamy base will be the canvas for your autumn masterpiece.

2.     Add 3g of Apricot Kernel Oil, which nourishes and brings a subtle touch of fall fruitiness to your lotion.

3.     Now, it's time to infuse the essence of autumn. Pour in 1.5g of Cranberry, Orange, and Cinnamon fragrance. Close your eyes and let the comforting scents whisk you to a cosy fireside.

*Optional - If you want to add a splash of colour to your lotion, consider using a liquid colourant. Gently introduce it at this stage, and watch as your lotion transforms into a vibrant autumn hue.


4. The Art of Blending: It's time to blend your lotion to perfection with all your ingredients in the mixing vessel. Grab your trusty mixer and mix thoroughly until everything is seamlessly combined. 

5. Packaging Your Creation: Once your lotion is beautifully blended and infused with autumnal magic, it's time to give it a home. Carefully decant your masterpiece into the container of your choice. 


Enjoy your very own Autumnal Spice Lotion! This delightful creation pampers your skin and envelops you in the warm and comforting scents of the season. Share your handmade lotion with friends and family, or keep it as a little seasonal indulgence for yourself. Embrace the spirit of autumn, and let this lotion be a reminder of the beauty and cosiness of this magical time of year.

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