Discover the Magic of Syndopour 200-MB: The Versatile Syndet Melt & Pour Base

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Discover the Magic of Syndopour 200-MB: The Versatile Syndet Melt & Pour Base

Introducing Syndopour 200-MB, the innovative Melt & Pour soap-free base, also known as a syndet, designed to unleash your creativity and open a world of possibilities. With its revolutionary formula and versatile applications, Syndopour 200-MB stands out from traditional Melt & Pour soaps, offering a range of benefits that cater to various skin and hair care needs.

Syndet: Beyond Ordinary Cleansing - Syndopour 200-MB is not your average melt and pour base. Unlike traditional soaps made from fats, oils, and alkalis, Syndopour 200-MB is a syndet, short for "synthetic detergent." This means it’s soap-free and pH-neutral, providing effective cleansing properties without compromising mildness. Crafted with mild surfactants, this base gently breaks down oils and dirt, leaving your skin and hair feeling refreshed and moisturised.

Endless Possibilities: The versatility of Syndopour 200-MB knows no bounds.

Here are just a few application ideas to spark your creativity:

  • Conditioning Shampoo Bar: Experience a luxurious lather and gentle cleansing for silky-smooth hair.

  • Body Cleansing Bar: A refreshing cleansing experience for your entire body.

  • Soothing Facial Bar: A pH-balanced bar specially designed for sensitive facial skin.

  • Shaving Bar: Achieve a smooth, irritation-free shave with this moisturising bar.

  • Kids 2-in-1 Shampoo and Body Bar: Make bath time fun with this all-in-one solution for kids.

  • Make-up Remover Bar: Effortlessly remove makeup while keeping your skin nourished.

  • Exfoliating Bar: Enjoy a spa-like exfoliation experience with this gentle bar.

  • Sensitive Skin Bar: Soothe and pamper sensitive skin with this dermatologically tested formula.

  • Male Grooming Bar: Elevate your grooming routine with this pH-balanced bar.

  • Intimate Bar: A gentle and caring solution for intimate areas.

  • Dermatological Bar: Specially formulated for sensitive skin.


Key Features that Set Syndopour 200-MB Apart:

  • 100% Soap-Free: Experience effective cleansing with milder ingredients.

  • High Foaming and Creamy Lather: Indulge in luxurious lather for a pampering bath experience.

  • Vegan: Embrace cruelty-free and sustainable choices with a vegan-friendly formula.

  • Certified Sustainable RSPO-MB: Our commitment to sustainability with responsibly sourced palm oil.

  • Dermatologically Tested: A gentle formula suitable for even the most sensitive skin types.

  • Biodegradable: Choose an eco-friendly option that cares for the planet.

  • pH-Neutral: Maintain the natural balance of your skin and hair.

  • Premium Formula: Elevate your product line with a high-quality base.

  • Versatile Base from Head to Toe: Unleash your creativity in various applications.


Unlock Effortless Creativity with Syndopour 200-MB. Let your imagination run wild as you explore alternative applications such as moisturising shave bars, solid beauty bars, and exfoliating scrub bars. Whether you're a seasoned brand or a new crafter, Syndopour 200-MB empowers you to create a premium range of mild, pH-balanced hair, body, and facial bars that cater to a diverse audience.

Syndopour 200-MB is the ultimate choice for those seeking a versatile, sustainable, easy-to-use base for soap-free and pH-neutral formulations. Elevate your product offerings, cater to various skin and hair care needs, and let your innovation shine with Syndopour 200-MB - the syndet Melt & Pour that covers all the bases.

Want to learn more about Syndopour, its benefits and some formulation ideas?

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