Horsforth Community Garden Project

Latest News Calendar Date 16/08/2022
Horsforth Community Garden Project

Horsforth resident Janet Little had an idea to share her love of gardening and delight in seeing something grow through a community garden. Over the last 12 months, this seed of an idea has taken root and developed into a plan.  


A dedicated team of Horsforth residents has worked to take on guardianship of a piece of land in Horsforth Hall Park, just outside the entrance to the Japanese Garden. Residents from the wider community were invited to comment on the proposed garden design via several consultations at various locations, and a plan with costs has been set out.  

The aim is to build a space to grow plants, fruits, and vegetables—a room for all in our community to enjoy, learn and benefit from. 


The first phase, for which Stephenson has very generously donated £1000 towards, is to create the structure of the garden, which will include installing paths to can ensure the Garden is fully accessible to everyone. Due to the Garden being in a public place, external contractors are needed to do this structural work, and the funds need to be in place to contract them. 


Once the Garden is established, the aim is for it to provide: 

  • Opportunities for people who want to garden but don’t have a garden 

  • Ways for people to learn about gardening, plants, and ideas for tackling climate change in our communities 

  • Physical and mental health benefits 

  • A place for people in the community to connect with diverse groups 

  • Support for inter-generational work and skills-sharing 

  • Fresh seasonal produce for all to access and learn about 

  • Giving people real and tangible ways to respond to their concerns about climate change within their homes, workplaces, and community 


If you are interested in following the progress of the project, volunteering, or helping in another way - please use the links below: 

Email: friendsofhorsforthhallpark@outlook.com  

Follow: www.facebook.com/HorsforthCommunityGarden  

Support: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/p/horsforth-community-garden  

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