Local football team sponsorship

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Local football team sponsorship

Stephenson had the pleasure of sitting with Coach Craig Tunnard, who runs Horsforth St Margaret’s U11 football team. Stephenson has sponsored the club for over two years and will continue.   

Who are they? 

Horsforth St Margaret’s U11 are charity-run community football club that relies heavily on sponsorships to ensure they are giving the best possible training and experience for the young players.  


How it started  

Dribblers course runs from 3-6 years old, then the kids progress into the U7 team and continue to move upwards in line with their age bracket. In each age bracket, the amount of players increases as the matches transition from 5-a-side to 7-aside to 9-a-side. 


The progression of the team 

The team takes part in Cup competitions and various other non competitive tournaments, due to the new FA rules which came in place two years ago. The under 11’s team are currently playing in the District Cup as part of the Garforth team. 


Coach training  

Craig Tunnard had to undergo and maintain the following training and checks to become a coach: 

  • Become FA Level 1 accredited 

  • Safeguarding training 

  • DBS checks 

  • First Aid training 


The future of the team and the players 

Coach hopes the players will continue right the way through until Under 18’s when they will then progress and reach the open age. 


What it means to the football team to have Stephenson’s sponsorship  

Stephenson has been sponsoring Horsforth St Margaret’s football club for over two years as it helps take the pressure off the coach and, most importantly, the club as they are a non-profit. It also ensures all the players are in the complete matching kit, including coats for when it’s awful weather but they’re still playing as it makes the team look more seamless when they are playing matches and competitions: registrations, sponsorship.  

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