Mastering Your Skincare Routine with Product Manager Charlotte Gronan

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Mastering Your Skincare Routine with Product Manager Charlotte Gronan

Why is a good skincare routine important?

A good skincare routine is important because it helps keep your skin clean and in good condition, staying hydrated and moisturised. An effective routine keeps your skin healthy and glowing and helps prevent future skin issues such as acne and ageing worries.

Why is it important to formulate products for daily use?

For consumers, it's important to use skincare products daily. This is important for your health in terms of protecting against the sun with SPF products and helping to prevent future skin issues. For formulators, it is important to be mindful to keep it simple when creating an everyday routine to ensure it can be functional and fit into consumers' busy schedules so it does not become a high-maintenance chore.  

Should morning and evening routines be different, and why?

Yes, routines should be different. The morning routine should focus on removing any dead skin cells and oil from sleep and preparing the skin for the day. It should aim to hydrate the skin and ensure SPF is used. For the evening routine, this should focus on repairing and restoring by removing makeup, cleansing and then nourishing with products such as rich creams full of actives like anti-oxidants. In short, the morning routine should be lightweight and use refreshing protective products and the evening should use richer, more oily products with restorative actives.


Morning Routine walkthrough:

Micellar water - This is used to cleanse the skin by removing dirt and impurities to refresh your skin ready for the rest of your skincare routine. We recommend Durosoft PG10CY-MB as in our refreshing micellar water as it is a non-ionic surfactant which has great foaming and cleansing properties.

Serum - This contains a concentrated dose of active ingredients to boost your skin and target specific skincare goals. We use Durosoft PG10-O in our anti-wrinkle face serum guide as it works as a wetting agent which increases spreadability of the product and increases penetration into the skin, so is great for a product that contains a high proportion of actives, like a serum. We recommend also adding materials such as hyaluronic acid to further hydrate and strengthen the skin's barrier function.

Day Moisturiser - Use to help prevent the skin from losing moisture and to help lock in the skincare products already used. Adding SPF to this product is recommended to protect the skin from harmful UV rays. We recommend Durosoft PG10L-SG for a lightweight water-based moisturiser as it is an O/W emulsifier with an affinity for water. It is also an emollient to soften and hydrate the skin, great for a refreshing morning face cream.

Why do you think Micellar water is more beneficial than Face wash? 

Micellar water delivers hydration while cleaning. It is often beneficial over a facial wash, one because it is more efficient because it does not need to be rinsed off, and two because it often uses milder and more refreshing ingredients. It cleans your skin without overdrying and instead hydrates it.


Evening Routine:

Oil Cleanser - Gently removes the oil, dirt and makeup that gathers on the skin throughout the day. An oil-based cleanser also helps moisturise without stripping or weighing down the skin. They cleanse whilst keeping all the amazing benefits from the oil. Durosoft PG4-O is used in our calming oil cleanser guide as it emollients in oil-rich formulations and increases spreadability and moisturizing properties. This Durosoft is made from sunflower oil and retains a lot of its characteristics, such as its antioxidant properties and ability to prevent skin hydration.

Why are oil cleansers better at night?

They are full of rich oils and really good at removing make-up so feel better before bed, whereas a water-based cleanser is usually preferred in the morning as lighter and more refreshing.

Eye Cream - It should be used to avoid dull, dry, puffy eyes and to target specific concerns such as dark circles. Durosoft PG4L-SG is used to make our anti-wrinkle eye cream guide as it is an O/W emulsifier that has an affinity for the oil phase. It creates stable emulsions, allowing the user to make oil-rich creams and moisturisers. We also recommend adding caffeine to a night time eye cream to help treat eye bags and puffiness.

Other Products

we chose only 5 products to showcase our 5 durosoft products in our range. However, other products can added into your skincare routine. We recommend also adding a night cream and a toner to your nighttime routine and even a brightening eye cream to your morning one. Durosoft can also be used for these applications.

Does age need to be considered in your routine?

Yes, this can be used for all ages as this is a basic routine; however, brands often like to tailor formulations to meet specific needs, for example, adding anti-wrinkle actives in if that is the concern.

Key Mistakes

One of the biggest mistakes people make is the order in which they use skincare products in their routine. Products should almost always be adding from lightest to heaviest as the lightest products (such as serums) have the lowest viscosity and tend to have a smaller particle size so can penetrate deeper into the skin and absorb faster, whereas heavier products (such as thick creams) tend to sit on top and sink into the skin over time. The exclusion to this is skin oils as even thought they feel thin, they are occlusives, helping lock in the hydration from the water based hydrating products and help block out irritants and pollutants. It is hard for a water based products to penetrate past an oil based product so water based products should always be used first.


What makes Durosoft unique?

We use oils as our starting materials in 4/5 of our products versus similar products on the market which are derived from narrower fatty acid chains. Due to the reaction used to make our polyglyceryl esters, the oil properties feature predominantly in the end Durosoft product. Therefore, our oil-based products give the benefit of the whole oil. For example, sunflower oil has a lot of anti-oxidant properties and long-lasting moisture retention. We also have stronger accreditation and palm-free options due to the fact we use oils as our starting materials, which is unique to us. Durosoft is 100% natural and offers a natural alternative to other synthetic esters, e.g. PEGs.

All Durosofts are also very versatile and have more than one function for example Durosoft PG4-O can be used as an emollient or an emulsifier, Durosfot PG10L-SG can be used as a emulsifier, wetting agent and surfactant and Durosoft PG10CY-MB can be used as a solubiliser or surfactant for foaming applications.

Durosofts can also be combined to give multiple functions in one product, for example to make a foaming oil cleanser, you can add Durosoft PG4-O as an emollient to improve the skin feel in the oil rich system and also Durosoft PG10-CY to add foaming capabilities.

Durosoft can be used in various applications and allows formulators to create a wide range of products, from thick creams to water-based cleansers, without sacrificing on-pack claims and accreditations. There’s a Durosoft product for every skincare application.


Other Applications –

  • Durosoft PG4-O is a non-ionic O/W or W/O emulsifier and an emollient for oil-rich products. It is made from sunflower oil, and other applications include nappy creams, suncreams and shower oils

  • Durosoft PG4L-SG is a non-ionic O/W emulsifier and an emollient for oil rich products. This has a higher HLB to 4-O and is made from sustainable palm kernel oil. Other applications include body lotions, hair masks and body scrubs.

  • Durosoft PG10-O is a non-ionic O/W emulsifier and emollient for water-rich products. It is made from sunflower oil, and its applications include water-rich lotions, toners, and balms.

  • Durosoft PG10L-SG is a non-ionic O/W emulsifier and emollient for water rich products as well as a mild cleanser and foaming agent. It is made from sustainable palm kernel oil and other applications include face cleansers, shampoos and face masks.

  • Durosoft PG10CY-MB is a non-ionic emulsifier, a fragrance and oil solubiliser and a cleanser for water based products. This product is made from Organic fatty acids. Its other applications include foaming cleaners and highly fragranced products such as room sprays, bath soaks and deodorant sticks.

A well-crafted skincare routine is more than just a daily habit—it's a commitment to nurturing your skin's health and beauty. By incorporating the right products and tailoring your regimen to morning and evening needs, you can significantly enhance your skin's appearance and health. Stephenson's range of innovative products, designed with purity and effectiveness in mind, provides the tools you need to protect and rejuvenate your skin. Embrace these practices and products to not only meet but exceed your skincare goals, ensuring your skin remains vibrant and youthful.

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