Syndet Bar Trends: Gentle Skin and Haircare Brilliance

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Syndet Bar Trends: Gentle Skin and Haircare Brilliance

The rise of syndet bars is a testament to the evolving landscape of skincare, haircare and sustainability. As consumers become more discerning, syndet bars step up to the plate, offering a cleansing experience that is as gentle on your skin as it is on the environment.

With a focus on addressing sensitive skin concerns, embracing sustainability, providing longer-lasting products, and conserving water, syndet bars offer a holistic solution for the modern individual. By choosing syndet bars, you're not only caring for your skin but also contributing to a world that is cleaner, greener, and more mindful.

71% of adults have sensitive skin, finds a recent study by Aveeno. Additionally, results show that consumers believe stress and ingredients cause the majority of skin reactions.

Sensitive Skin Care Revolution: A Gentle Touch for Delicate Skin

Sensitive skin has become a prevailing concern in recent years, leaving many searching for solutions that cleanse without causing irritation. Enter syndet bars, a game-changer in the world of skincare. These bars are carefully formulated to cater to even the most delicate of skin types, providing a mild cleansing experience that won't compromise your skin's natural moisture barrier.

The rising demand for gentler alternatives is undeniable, and syndet bars rise to the occasion, offering a soothing cleansing experience that leaves sensitive skin feeling refreshed and cared for.

Syndet bars can also address the growing dermacosmetics category as well. Dermacosmetics Market is set to generate $132,743.5 million revenue by 2030, says P&S Intelligence.

With Syndopal range brands and manufacturers can craft tender cleansing skincare and derma bars, safe even for babies.


Embracing Sustainability: A Clean Earth and Clear Conscience

As the world wakes up to the environmental toll of excessive plastic waste, a collective desire for sustainable alternatives has emerged. Syndet bars present an elegant solution, addressing both skincare, haircare and eco-friendliness from ingredients to packaging and biodegradability. The shift towards more sustainable choices is evident, and syndet bars are at the forefront of this movement.

The beauty industry's reliance on water-intensive formulations has come under scrutiny, prompting a call for more mindful alternatives. Syndet bars rise to this challenge, providing an efficient and water-saving cleansing experience.

Similarly, with their eco-friendly packaging and commitment to responsibly sourced ingredients, syndet bars resonate with conscious consumers seeking to minimize their environmental impact. By choosing syndet bars, you're not only caring for your skin but also contributing to a cleaner, greener planet.

If you’re seeking a versatile, RSPO-certified, and easy-to-use base to craft a premium range of mild, pH-balanced hair, body, and facial bars, Syndopour 200-MB is the ultimate choice. Get started today and let your innovation shine.

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Give a Boost of Rich Cleansing for Hair

In a world of constant consumption, the allure of longer-lasting products is undeniable. Syndet bars bring a touch of luxury to your skincare and haircare routines, offering extended use compared to their liquid counterparts. This not only adds value to your purchase but also reduces the frequency of replacements, minimizing waste and fostering a more sustainable lifestyle.

Sustainable aspects, performance and longer lasting benefits have sparked growth in shampoo bars and solid conditioners for different types of hair.

According to the Mintel GNPD research, Hair and Conditioner bars doubled in new product launches between 2020-2021. 2022 set an entirely new record for solid shampoo and condition bars with over 400 new products launched in Europe and North America alone.

This will continue to grow and we will see this category evolving further with projected 5.6% year on year global growth until 2030, as per Grand View Research.

Choosing syndet bars means investing in quality that endures, a smart decision that aligns with the modern consumer's desire for longevity and sustainability.


A great example is the Beaudy's range of face, body and even scalp bars - a solution that meets the needs of  the whole family. Beaudy Solid facial cleanser Gently cleanses the skin and scalp. 1 solid = 2 to 3 classic bottles.

Syndets - Where Efficacy Meets Convenience

Syndet bars offer more than just skincare – they embody a lifestyle that balances effectiveness, sustainability, and convenience. With their adaptable nature, these bars cater to both body and hair, streamlining your routine and reducing bathroom clutter.

The popularity of facial cleansing bars, raised a lot of interest in the highest growing category of speciality syndet bars. The speciality bar soaps include soaps that treat specific skin treatments, or are used for exfoliation and more such specifications.

To note, Energy Channeling Soap-free Charcoal Body Bar by Humanrace smooths and refines skin texture without stripping moisture. It contains charcoal powder, fine-grained rice powder exfoliants and moisture-locking Jojoba Seed Oil, to soften and balance the skin.

OilBlends offers a variety of speciality soap bars under its section ‘Soaps that Heal’. The collection includes soap bars made from turmeric, tea tree oil, pumpkin seed oil, carrot, and more.

Experience the ultimate cleansing journey with syndets, where the gentle touch meets cutting-edge sustainability, and where convenience meets conscious choices.

Expand your skincare and haircare range with Syndopour and Syndopal

With the expansion of our Syndopal range and Syndopour base, manufacturers and brands can now personalise and create bars with better performance and strong sustainability/ethical claims.

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