Video Recipe: How to Make a Festive Bauble Loaf

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Video Recipe: How to Make a Festive Bauble Loaf

Following on from our latest Rinse & Repeat Christmas edition, we have created a second Christmas video for you!

Find our Festive Bauble below...

List of equipment/ingredients: 

- 2 x 1kg Crystal ST base 

- 2 x 1kg Crystal Donkey Milk base 

- Colours: red, white, and green mica/colour 

- Fragrance: Buttercream 

- Loaf mould 

- Christmas tree mould

- 145g 

- Small balls mould – 6 x 65g   


1. Add green mica to 145g of Crystal Donkey Milk base, pour into the tree mould, leave to set, and then repeat with white mica (to add a shimmer to the white base). 

2. Split the Crystal ST base into 2 jugs (1kg in each jug) – add red mica/colour to one and green to another  

3. Place the white Christmas tree embeds at the bottom of the ball mould and then add the lid and pour the green Crystal ST into the mould, once set, remove and repeat with the green Christmas tree and the red Crystal ST. 

4. Fill the baubles into the loaf mould, alternating red and green baubles throughout * 

5. Melt & pour the Crystal Donkey Milk around the baubles to fill the rest of the mould. 

6. Once set, demould and cut into desired-sized pieces 

7. Optional step for gift giving, wrap in brown paper and add a bow. 

Please note:  * Don’t be afraid to have the balls sticking out the top of the mould, as this will help create depth to the final bars

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