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NATRUE Natural Range

Amplify trust for your brand with our NATRUE certified natural skincare and haircare range.

The NATRUE Certification for your brand

Uncover the power of NATRUE certification, lifting your brand above the pitfalls of "greenwashing" and fostering authenticity and trust.

The NATRUE certification is a globally recognized standard for natural and organic cosmetics. It has emerged as a beacon of trust in a market flooded with greenwashed products. As consumers become more discerning, the certification aims to protect consumers against deceptive marketing practices, offering transparency and assurance regarding a product's true ecological and ethical credentials.

Durosoft Range of Natural Emulsifiers for Skincare and Haircare

Naturally different and NATRUE approved, Durosoft emulsifiers and solubilisers aid the development of a completely natural product line, including lotions, creams, facial cleansers and more.

  • Durosoft PG4-O for formulating natural and rich creams and waterless oils and cleansers
  • Durosoft PG10-CY-MB for naturally solubilising essential oils and fragrances in facial cleansers, micellar waters as an alternative to synthetic solubilisers.
  • Durosoft PG10L-SG - for formulating ultra gentle creams, sheet masks, facial cleansers, make-up applications and more.
Durosoft Range of Natural Emulsifiers for Skincare and Haircare


We're excited to introduce Opal PC-NC-SG, a certified natural NATRUE approved extruded soap base. This exceptional soap base is now accessible to manufacturers and brands worldwide to create truly natural soap bars with confidence and authenticity.



Unlock endless natural possibilities, with Stephenson NATRUE approved range.

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