How to create Festive Soap slices

Our resident lean mean christmas crafting machine Tim has been busy away in his studio conjuring up new recipes for over the festive period. Today he shows us how to create some Festive Soap slices using Crystal Shea, Crystal HCVS and Crystal OPC.

You Will Need:

Step 1

We’ll begin by using Crystal Shea & Crystal HCVS to create our soap embeds. Begin by cutting up about 500g of Crystal Shea.

Step 2

After lightly spraying with alcohol spray, pour a thin layer into your square cake mold. I chose not to fragrance this as I didn’t want the final slice to be overpowering. We’ll be adding fragrance to the Crystal HCVS which will be the bulk of the soap loaf later on in the recipe. Leave to set for 20-30 minutes.

Step 3

Repeat step 1 & 2 with alternative colours. Don’t forget to spritz your layers before and after pouring so the layers stick together.

Step 4

Cut a small amount of Crystal Shea into small pieces. Melt and add a couple of drops of fragrance and mix until fully dispersed into the base. This layer will be the base of the entire loaf. Spritz your loaf mold lightly and pour a small amount of the melted Crystal Shea into the the mold.

Step 5

Having left your cake layer embeds to fully set, you should now have the base of some beautiful and bright layer embeds! Now for some final preparations - remove the soap from the mold carefully. Cut the layers into 4 quarters - this will make it easier to work with. Begin to carefully cut the layers into small slices. I used a knife to create a flat edge for one and for the other I used a lacerated soap cutter to create a waved edge. Continue this process until all the soap is in small pieces.

Step 6

Now that you layer from the soap loaf has set we can add the finishing touches to the body of the soap loaf. Lightly spritz the bottom of the soap loaf and add a mixture of you soap embeds until they reach just below the top of the loaf. Shake the loaf to make sure they’re all packed it properly and there’s no gaps.

Cut your Crystal HCVS into small chunks and add to the microwave until fully melted. Once you base is at 65/70 celsius, sprits the embeds with Alcohol spray and pour to the top of the loaf. Again spray with alcohol spray to remove any bubbles from the surface. Lightly hit the loaf against the surface to make sure the base covers all the embeds.

Step 7

Now for the tricky part. We’re going to mix Crystal OPC with Crystal Shea to create a whipped effect on the top of the slices. By mixing the two bases it creates the desired effect of a whip but doesn’t maintain the usual feeling of Crystal OPC. The mixture makes the whip go soft but not sticky which allows us to create this fantastic effect!

We begin by cutting up our Crystal OPC into small workable chunks.

Add colour and a few drops of fragrance in to the Crystal OPC and whip for 10 minutes. Please note that for the instance of this recipe it is not necessary to add an exfoliant like sugar to the whip as this would dilute when adding the melted Crystal shea

Step 8

Work fast and and to your pipe. Begin piping on to your loaf. Admittedly I’ve still got a lot of practicing to do with my piping technique but none the less the effect I wanted was achieved! Leave over night to set before slicing.

Step 9

Having left to fully set you’ll now notice that your OPC is soft but not sticky! For future reference you can play around with amounts of Crystal Shea VS Crystal OPC if you want it harder etc. Carefully slice your loaf to create your finished soap slices.

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