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Available now through our network of online partners

Available now through our network of online partners

United Kingdom
Mystic Moments
New Directions UK
The Soap Kitchen

Kerzen und Seife, Germany
Humanity Aruhaz KFT., Hungary (Coming soon)

USA & Canada
Bulk Apothecary, OH
Candle Science, NC
Chemistry Store, SC
Jedwards International, MA
Voyageur Soap & Candle, Canada

Central & South America
Distribuidora Del Caribe, Guatemala (Coming soon)
Hermanos Rodriguez Gonzalez, Puerto Rico
Maprin, Chile

Asia Pacific
Aussie Soap Supplies, Australia (Coming Soon)
Craftiviti SDN BHD, Malaysia (Coming Soon)

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A revolutionary Melt & Pour syndet base

This unique Melt & Pour syndet base is ultra-mild and 100% soap-free. Syndopour 200-MB is RSPO certified and gives you the ability to create a variety of mild, pH balanced hair, body and facial bars.

The first of its kind, Syndopour 200-MB has luxurious lather and high foaming properties, providing the perfect starting point for an innovative range of pH-neutral bars.

100% Soap Free

Syndopour 200-MB is a soap free syndet base and has a lower pH than traditional soap

Dermatologically Tested

Create a wide range of applications tailored to sensitive skin and scalps unlike a traditional glycerine soap

Easy To Process

This base doesn't require any industrial pressing equipment to create a wide range of solid format bars

Learn more about Syndopour 200-MB

Learn more about Syndopour 200-MB

Find out more about our revolutionary Melt & Pour syndet base - Syndopour 200-MB in our guidebook where you can find everything from, product benefits, key industry trends, processing guides, and much more.

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Getting the most of Syndopour 200-MB

Syndopour 200-MB processes unlike other Melt & Pour bases - join Michaela as she shares our recommendation for using this revolutionary base.

Enjoy endless opportunities for creativity

It's no secret that solid formats are on the rise as consumers across the world become more aware of the environmental impact of liquid alternatives. That's why we created Syndopour 200-MB - a revolutionary Melt & Pour syndet that can be used to create amazing products from solid shampoos to facial cleansers and more.

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Shampoo Bar for Greasy Hair Facial Cleansing Bar Shaving Bar
Shampoo's Facial Shaving

Shampoo Bar for Greasy Hair

Create a deep cleansing shampoo bar using Syndopour 200-MB, formulated with tea tree oil to revitalise oily hair and hydrate the scalp.

Conditioning Shampoo Bar

Use Syndopour 200-MB to produce a conditioning shampoo bar, which gently cleanses the hair and scalp with its luxurious foam, leaving hair nourished and conditioned.

Facial Cleansing Bar

Formulated with cocoa butter for added moisturisation, this pH balanced hydrating cleansing bar includes chamomile oil to gently sooth your complexion.

Shaving Bar

A pH balanced shaving bar enriched with soothing aloe vera, create a bar which is 100% soap free and tailored to cleanse the most delicate areas on the body.

Solid formats are here to stay

Consumers have become extremely eco and environmentally conscious, they want to know what brands are doing to limit their environmental impact. Over the last five years there has been a significant shift in consumer habits who look to limit their impact by cutting their energy emissions, reducing single use plastic consumption, conserving water supplies and protecting biodiversity on the planet.

Key Consumer Drivers for Solid Format Products

Sensitive skin

COVID-19 resulted in washing our hands more than ever. This created irritation on the skin from the constant removal of natural moisture. Mild syndet products help keep hands hydrated and clean, retaining natural moisture to prevent irritation from over washing.

Concentrated products

In an effort to reduce carbon footprint, brands are turning to concentrated and waterless products to help minimise their impact on the environment.


With eco and environmental claims on the rise, brands must tread carefully when applying claims and commitments to the products they promote. Consumers are hot on the tail of brands willing to greenwash their way into consumers shopping baskets.