Featured Soaper - The Yorkshire Soap Company

The Yorkshire Soap Company started it's life in a small kitchen at home, with a handful of soapy ingredients and a dream. This is their story.

Featured Soaper - The Yorkshire Soap Company

As part of our Featured Soaper program we take a look at The Yorkshire Soap Company and understand just what it means to their team to make soap.

The Yorkshire Soap Company has grown to become a fantastic brand, selling handmade soaps, soap slices, soap cupcakes. Marcus and Warren have become famous for their wonderful soap cakes, so famous in fact Prince Charles paid tham a visit. Here is Warren telling Prince Charles just how much soap they sell.

So what is The Yorkshire Soap Company and what’s it all about….?

Marcus: “The Yorkshire Soap Company started it’s life in our small kitchen at home, with a handful of soapy ingredients and a dream!”

""Our dream was to create a theatrical emporium of all things soapy, where we would sell all our handmade soapy delights, each one made with the best ingredients we could find, beautifully packaged and most importantly affordable, luxurious and totally unique""


“Our dream came true and we opened our first soap boutique over 7 years ago and have not looked back since! We have, since opening, become famous for our beautiful patisserie style soap cakes and soap cupcakes which are often copied but never bettered!”

“We have grown a little since the begining but we still, personally make hundreds of gorgeous bath and body products in our soap kitchen which is situated on the third floor of our soap boutique, based in the lovely town of Hebden Bridge, right in the heart of Yorkshire. We are always creating, always aiming for perfection and we constantly strive to be the best, we absolutley love what we do and we hope that you like our products too!”

It is their passion that has made Yorkshire Soap a real success, the attention to detail, the customer service and the sheer level of quality all play a huge part in taking their business forwards. Marcus and Warren have over come over some real challenges recently such as flooding, not once but twice, at their first store in Hebden Bridge, here’s a little picture of the store flooded below:

Marcus and Warren have bounced back from this to create something truly special and have recently opened a new store in the City of York. A city steeped in history, tradition, and tourism which suits the artisan handmade, independent retailer. You can always count on Marcus and Warren to push the boundaries of creativity with soap, we’ve added some pictures of what they create below:

We are delighted to support Marcus and Warren and be involved in their journey as they continue to grow and develop their brand and retail concept, we can’t wait to see what they come up with this Christmas and what the future holds at the Yorkshire Soap Company.

You can see more of what they make, and shop online right here.

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