Every Like counts

We've been working to develop our social platforms. We have been communicating with our customers, driving interaction and understanding more about what our customers really want us to make.

Every Like counts

Sometimes a simple ‘like’ can be overseen / undervalued. It is a customer, friend somewhere around the world making a decision to like your company or product, it’s a great feeling. So why not share that with your team, staff, visitors?

With that in mind we felt it was time for our team to see just how we’re doing ‘real time’ on developing our soap making community whilst in the office or at a trade show. We spent some time looking around for tools and gadgets to help us achieve this, to bring more significance to our Facebook growth and we found just the product….

Fliike is the first physical Facebook Fan (or “Like”) counter specially designed for local businesses, public places or Marketing departments. You can proudly display your digital community in your store, office, reception and easily help your customers to join your journey on Facebook.

It’s easy to hook up the device by connecting to a wi-fi network. We linked it up with our Facebook page, and the Fliike starts to stream the ‘Like’ stats via a mechanically powered flip-board type display. Now we can proudly display and promote our digital facebook community, because every ‘like’ counts.

The video below illustrates just how real-time this is, we’re delighted to support Smiirl with this product launch. You can find more details on the products just here: http://smiirl.com

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