Our team take on the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge

James, Olivia, and David took on The Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge. These are the peaks of Pen-y-ghent, Whernside and Ingleborough, usually in this order, and in under 12 hours. These peaks form...

Our team take on the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge

Olivia shares her insight into the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge.

Following a poster going up on the notice board in our kitchen advertising the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge in aid of The British Red Cross, I quickly signed up and tried to drum up some support…. David and James soon expressed an interest in getting involved… intially I was simply relieved not to be taking this on alone!

With a Training Walk, a Bake Sale and weeks of nagging our Friends and Family for sponsorship the donation total was rising and the event was getting ever closer!

We got booked into a nice little Bunk Barn for the weekend just a short Drive from the start point, an ideal plan that meant we didn’t have to travel back and forth on the same day.

0500 and the alarms sounded, a quick shower was swiftly followed by bacon and eggs, and off we go!

We registered with the British Red Cross, given our walking numbers and we were ‘hot to trot’. There was no real need for maps, along with over 300 people waking for the British Red Cross there was the British Heart Foundation and the Alzheimer’s Society walking. There was a winding snake of colours as far as the eye could see heading up Pen-y-Ghent!

So off we go!

Pen-y-Ghent started on a steady incline, changing into steep steps winding to the summit. At this point the weather was drizzly with a strangely warm breeze!

We quickly split into two groups, Myself and James and David and Cody.

Reaching the summit, we checked in with BRC, took a quick picture (no view thanks to the weather) and the it was time to head down.

It seemed like such a long way between Pen-y-Ghent and Whernside, we took the revised rout that misses out the famous ‘Bogg’ but this was still a little muddy and slippy, and I might have taken a little tumble and have to be lifted back to my feed by a lovely little lady while James stood and Laughed!

After a quick sit down and re fuel at the ‘Ribblehead Viaduct’ we set off again. This time the rain really started to come down, you feel like you are waking to the back of Whernside’s before beginning the steady incline. This was where the weather really turned, with horizontal rain and what felt like gale force winds it was a slow and steady accent, to what we were told was the summit, unable to see anything apart from the High-Vis of the BRC volunteer we were quickly checked in so we could head back down (after a quick picture crouched down the side of the wall!).

With almost zero visibility, and not so many people we were almost guessing at the route down, we encountered a couple who asked if they were going the right way …. ‘We hope so!’, then Asif by magic, the clouds parted just briefly enough to let us see people ahead confirming we were going the right way, it was quite a spectacular sight, but James was not fast enough to get the camera out to get a picture.

Now the walk between Whernside and Ingleborough was not as long, with a steady incline before ‘Da, Da Daaaaaaa’ the Climb!!

Step after Step after Step, with the rain pouring down your face, all you seem to focus on is the person walking infront of you, eyeing up where they plant their feet so you can do the same!! The water was flowing down like a stream, challenging as you concentrate on not slipping of getting blown off the mountain side!!

Finally getting to the top…..again there is nothing to see! The BRC checked us in and took our picture then again, for the final time …. Down we go!

This was the hardest by far, at this point most of my body was aching and I can no longer feel that little niggle on my right foot because now the whole foot is screaming at me to stop!

Myself and James managed to summon some strength the really push forwards down Ingleborough with James just in front of me I followed him keeping pace, talking myself through every twingle and stub of the toe! We only stopped for a minute half way down for a quick regroup of our senses at one point James asked what I was doing, I was talking to my feet, promising them a pedicure if they got me through this!

We finally made it to the bottom, feeling so relieved as we crossed the Railway Line knowing we had done it and it was all over!

Here’s our Strava tracking – a lot of walking.

A round of applause, medal and T-shirt met us at the Village Hall before we headed back to the bunk barn for a well earnt Shower and Drink!

We had not been back long before David and Cody turned up, they made it back around 45 minutes behind us, we were all very relieved it was over, and so happy with the amount that we had managed to raise for The British Red Cross.

Thank you to everyone that sponsored us, and well done to us, for doing it. Now time to rest my feet.

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