We launch Stephenson Russia

Stephenson Personal Care expands to launch an exciting new Official Russian Subsidiary - Stephenson Rus Moscow Ltd. This step reflects our mission to provide our customers the opportunity to purchase...

We launch Stephenson Russia

Stephenson Personal Care expands to launch an exciting new Official Russian Subsidiary…Stephenson Rus Moscow Ltd.

StephensonRus.RU is the new official storefront and subsidiary for Stephenson Personal Care – the world’s leading manufacturer of speciality soap bases for the personal care industry. A blend of over 100 years of soap making experience, and creative chemistry gives Stephenson Personal Care a unique position in the personal care market, and the ability to respond rapidly to market trends and customer demands.

This step reflects our mission to provide consumers / crafters / businesses the opportunity to purchase directly from Stephenson Personal Care, and grow their business with great pricing and support on a wide range of products such as Speciality Soap Bases, Liquids and Lotions. Stephenson Rus Moscow Ltd is about engaging and developing the soap, craft and Personal Care market.

“It is time to take our presence in Russia and the surrounding regions to the next level, we have an opportunity to support and grow supply with our customers directly, strengthening our brand and creting new products and we can’t wait” said Peter Ellis, Commercial Director of Stephenson Personal Care, “Our new official subsidiary – ‘Stephenson Rus’ reflects the thinking and efforts of the Personal Care Team, as well as our commitment to being an open and accessible manufacturer helping to support individuals looking to craft with soap, right up to SMEs, brands and manufacturers”

You can visit our new Russian site just here - www.stephensonrus.ru

Key aspects of Stephenson Rus include:

  • Simple Clean Navigation – Updated design, fresh product pages, new soap bases.
  • Clean User Interface – allows the visitor to get as in-depth quickly, and browse our product range.
  • Official Bulk Pricing – It’s simple, you can buy the finest soap bases in the world at competitive prices.
  • Social Integration – Our shared social platforms offer customers a community to share their soap creations, recipes, and gain inspiration.
  • Shipping – Quick and reliable shipping from our dedicated warehousing.
  • Packaging – New & Official Packaging for Stephenson Rus.

If you are interested in purchasing Stephenson’s Superior soap bases for the most competetive price in Russia please contact one of our team below:

  • +7 (495) 979 5891
  • +7 (495) 729 3058
  • Email us directly at: info@stephensonrus.ru

Где купить

ООО “Стивенсон Рус”

  • Телефоны: +7 (495) 979-5891 , +7 (495) 7293058
  • e-mail: info@stephensonrus.ru
  • Адрес: 115191, г. Москва, улица 2-я Рощинская, дом 4, офис 503.

ИНН 7725839220

Приносим наши извинения. Страница находится в стадии наполнения.

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