We're featured on About.com

We recently teamed up with David Fisher from about.com to give an insight on using our wide range of Crystal melt and pour soap bases. Thanks David.

We're featured on About.com

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David Fisher has always loved working to create things from scratch. Soap and candle making fulfills a combined interest in arts and crafts, chemistry, cooking, aromatherapy, and frugal living.

David has been making soap for nearly 15 years and making candles since he was a child. He is the owner of Bath Rabbit Soap Company and a member of the Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild.

David teaches students of all ages how to make candles, soap, and bath and body products. He attends numerous local and regional soap and candle making conferences and classes and has logged countless hours of “in the kitchen” training in soap and candle making.

Our soap bases we’re tested and used to create a wide range of products, you can see more on the feature just here:

Here’s some advice from David:

“How Many Bases Do You Need?

Do you need six bases? Well…maybe. Each of them is formulated a bit different and can be used for different projects. If you just were to pick two, a good clear base and a good white base are always best. That’s like making cold process soap with a simple basic recipe. Then, if you want to branch out and do some more complex recipes, there are bases that have special additives and qualities that you can use to make your own unique melt and pour soap creations.”

We look forward to working with David and the team at About.com in the near future to provide you with creative and inspiring soap recipes to add to your collection!

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