Christmas Jumper Competition

After last years impressive contributions the stakes were high and the level of commitment and creativety could be seen through out the office.

Christmas Jumper Competition

The rules were the same as last year; pick (or adapt) a jumper with a festive slant. Once again there was no over all prize just office kudos / bragging rights.

This year the entries consisted of some festive classics, new editions and also some innovative crafted jumpers in which some chose to add to an existing jumper with various festive decor.

Here’s our gallery of all those that picked a knit, had fun, got involved and were happy to model their lovely jumpers.

There were some fantastic entries, creative and original as always but there can be only one winner!

This year the stakes were high but there was one that couldn’t be beaten. Lucy, our Technical Innovations Chemist, surprised us with added christmas musical effects to go along with her Santa Claus jumper.

Congratulations to Lucy for a fantastically festive effort!

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