Stephenson Group joins Y30 - Welcome to Yorkshire

Family-owned since we began 160 years ago, our CEO Jamie Bentley is committed to building our reputation and expertise in international markets. Not only are we exporting our specialist soap bases and personal care ingredients all over the world, we're flying the flag for Yorkshire too!

Stephenson Group joins Y30 - Welcome to Yorkshire

Yorkshire has many assets; beautiful country side, cultural attractions, historic land marks and diverse exhibitions/events. Over the last 10 years Yorkshire has become a popular tourist destination creating fantastic business oppotunities increasing ‘The North’s’ economic impact on the UK.

Welcome to Yorkshire was created in 2009 as the county’s official destination management organisation. Since then, our achievements have exceeded everyone’s expectations – except our own.

Image Source: Welcome to Yorkshire

Welcome to Yorkshire is the official destination management organisation for Yorkshire. It has one clear priority: to put Yorkshire on the world map for both business and leisure.

What they do?

Their work includes major marketing initiatives and advertising campaigns to raise the profile and grow the economy of Yorkshire, as well as high-profile PR campaigns and business support for more than 20,000 tourism industry business and suppliers. This represents more than 10% of the UK’s businesses!

Here’s some fact’s and figures behind the success of the Welcome to Yorkshire campaign.

  • 16% rise in visitors to Yorkshire since 2009
  • £1.1 billion rise in tourism
  • 4,000 new jobs created
  • 25% growth in visitor spending
  • 70% growth in overseas visitor spending

Y30 not only allows us to be part of a growing community but also enables us to work with local companies big and small to help support one another in anything from manufacturing & recruitment to sustainability & ethical sourcing. We’re excited to contribute to this exciting campaign and see how it progresses over the coming years.

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